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Expansion/Reform Voc

prosperity Another word for success, wealth, and good fortune.
compromise Settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.
expedition A journey or voyage that is completed by a group of people.
pioneer A person who leads the way into new areas.
frontier Land available for settlement.
oppression Cruel or unjust treatment.
treaty A formal agreement between two or more states/countries.
bombard Attack continuously with bombs, shells, or missiles.
perilous Full of danger or risk.
futile Incapable of producing a useful result; pointless.
national anthem A song of praise for a country.
neutral Not supporting either side in a conflict; impartial
colonize Send a group of settles to a place and establish political control over it.
glare Shine with a strong or dazzling light.
rampart A defensive wall having a board top with a walkway
Created by: DGarbarino06