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Ch. 12 section 1

Important people, events, and places

Oregon Country 1)between the Pacific and the Rocky Mountains 2)Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, & Wyoming 3) 4 nations claimed 4) U.S., Britain, Spain, & Russia
Adams-Onis Treaty 1)Secretary of State John Q. Adams 1819 2) Spain set limits on northern border of Cal. 3) Spain gave up claims to Oregon 4) Russia gave up claims to land south of Alaska - 1824 5) 1818 Britain Joint occupation 6)1825 proposed divide Oregon at 49 N
Adams-Onis Treaty cont. 7) Britain refused proposal 8) extended joint occupation
Mountain Men 1) fur traders 2) John Jacob Astor - merchant from NY 3) Astor organized the American Fur Co. 4) most powerful fur company 5) at first Native Am. supplied furs 6) eventually mountain men supplied furs 7) made living trapping beaver 8) had Native Am. wives
Mountain Men cont. 9)lived buffalo skin lodges, wore buckskin pants, moccasins & beads 10) trapped in spring & summer 11) Jim Beckwourth -explored the Green River 12) Robert Stuart & jedediah Smith explored the South Pass 13) South Pass main route to Oregon
Mountain Men cont. 14) Jim Bridges & Kit Carson worked as guides 15)mountain men helped carve out the Oregon Trail, California Trail, & Sante Fe Trail
The Whitman Mission 1) bringing Christianity - Dr, Marcus & Whitman & Narcissa 2) near Walla Walla, WA 3) settlers brought measles 4) Cayuse attacked the mission 5) Killed Dr. & Mrs. Whitman 6) settlers flooded the area anyway
The Oregon Trail 1) formed societies to plan trips 2) called the "great migration" 3) stuffed wagons with provisions 4) started in Missouri 5) followed the Great Plains, Platte River, through the South Pass to Oregon
Manifest Destiny 1) U.S. should occupy the whole continent 2) destined by God to spread to the Pacific Ocean
"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" 1) Democrat - James Polk - his slogan 2) line of latitude of northern border in Oregon 3) Henry Clay - Whig opponent did not support strongly this position 4) 1846 compromised at 49 N latitude
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