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S.S. final review

a review for my social syudies final on June 19, 2009

The way of life of a group of people at a particular time including their daily habits and traditions culture
The science of planning and constructing buildings architecture
an extra supply of something, such as crops that are not needed imedeatly Surplus
Training to do a particular kind of work. Specialization
A long period of dry weather. drought
Handed down from the past or from an ansester legacies
the government policy of strict and unequal segration of races as as preached in South Africa from 1948 to the early 1900s apartheid
to rule over Egypt the role of the ancient egiption pharaoh
Egyption Pharaoh who biult the great pyramids Kufu
flows to the Medditaranian sea Nile River
A large almost landlaocked arm of the Atlantic Ocean Medditarranian sea
written set of laws that apply to everyone under a government. Codes of law.
A large temple located in the centers of the ancient Sumerian citys. ziggurat
the belif in many gods. Polythiesm
the belif in one god. Monothiesm
Created by: tsantucci6