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Unit 7


Why did the Montgomery Bus Boycott occur & how long did it last? the boycott occurred b/c AAs were tired of racial inequality in public transportation and it lasted a 1 year & 16 days
In return for the desegregation of interstate transportation, what did President Kennedy do? Kennedy agreed to stop intervening the arrest of activists
Why did Dr. MLK target Birmingham, Alabama for a civil rights campaign? MLK believed that Birmingham was the most segregated city in the south
What was the purpose of Jim Crow laws? to keep AA and whites seperate
What is CORE, & what was its mission? Congress of Racial Equality it's mission was to gain civil rights using non-violent means
What civil rights organization worked against segregation using the court system? the NAACP-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
What was the importance of Brown v. Board of Education? ended the segregation in school systems
What was the importance of the so called "Brown II" case? set into motion the integration of all schools immediately
Who were the "Little Rock 9"? 9 AA students who went to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas
Due to the riots at Ole Miss while James Meredith was being admitted, what did President Kennedy say about Americans and following the law? "You are free to disagree with the law but no to disobey it"
Why were many Americans surprised at President Johnson's support for Civil Rights laws? Johnson was from the southern state of Texas
How did T. E. Connor respond to the marchers in Birmingham, Alabama? T. E. Connor ordered police dogs and fire hoses against the marchers
The confrontation between police & demonstrators on the Edmund Pettus Bridge became known as what? "Bloody Sunday"
After the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 & the death of Dr. MLK, what was the response of AA's in several cities? riots broke out
What are the pros & cons of affirmative action? Pros-gain supporters who are against segregation & help people Cons- lose supporters who like segregation
What US President signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Lyndon B. Johnson
What happened to three civil rights workers in Mississippi during the "Freedom Summer"? they went missing and were murdered
What did Malcolm X convert to while in prison? Islam
What civil rights law was passed shortly after the death of Dr. King? the Fair Housing Act
How did the Alliance for Progress assist Latin America? helped better their economy
What happened to Nikita Khrushchev's standing in the Soviet Union as a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis? was viewed as weak and lost power
What was the effect of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty? above ground atomic and hydrogen bomb tests stopped
What did President Kennedy's domestic agenda primarily fight? poverty
What was the result of the Equal Pay Act? employment practices were fairer
What were the Warren Commission's findings regarding the Kennedy Assassination? Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin and he acted alone
President Kennedy's military policies encouraged funding for what? flexible response
What was the purpose of the Bay of Pigs invasion? to overthrow Castro
What was the US response to the putting of missiles in Cuba by the Soviet Union? JFK put a naval blockade on Cuba
Why was the Berlin Wall created? b/c the US wouldn't recognize a divided Germany
What was President Kennedy's "New Frontier" policy? improve the economy, fight racial discrimination and explore space
How did President Kennedy initially approach civil rights policy early in his term? cautiously
How did the Cold War effect the US space program? the Cold War stimulated the space program and made them work harder to be better
Who became President after the assassination of President Kennedy? Lyndon B. Johnson
What was the purpose of the Civil Rights Act? to end discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin in public places and employment
What was President Johnson's War on Poverty? legislation that included $1 billion toward ending poverty in America
What was the purpose of President Johnson's Elementary & Secondary Education Act? to benefit inner city schools (part of the War on Poverty)
What was the effect of President Johnson's Great Society program? slightly decreased poverty rates
What personality traits was President Johnson known for? compromising
What was the purpose of the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965? to change the national quota system letting 170,000 immigrants for the eastern hemisphere and 120,000 from the western hemishpere
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