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Unit 7

terms, people and governmet actions

Freedom Summer 1964 effort to register AA voters in Mississippi
De Jure Segregation segregation imposed by law
Black Power movement in the 1960's that urged AA's to use their collective political and economic power to gain equality
Freedom Ride 1961 protests by black & white activists who rode buses through southern states to test their compliance with the ban on segregation on interstate buses
Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955-1956 protest by AA in Montgomery, Alabama against racial segregation in the bus system
Great Society President Johnson's goals for the US in areas of healthcare, education, the environment, discrimination and poverty
Deficit Spending the practice of a nation paying out more $ than it is receiving in revenues
Flexible Response defense policy allowing for the appropriate action in any size or type of conflict
Warren Commission committee that investigation the assassination of President Kennedy
Medicaid federal program created in 1965 to provide low-cost health insurance to poor Americans of any age
New Frontier President Kennedy's plan aimed at improving the economy, fighting racial discrimination and exploring space
Martin Luther King Jr. AA civil rights leader and activist who had a nonviolent approach to equality
Malcolm X AA converted to Islam in prison and then became a minister and human rights activist who thought violence was the best way to gain equality
Richard Nixon VP under Eisenhower and lost to Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election
James Meredith 1st AA student at Ole Miss
Lyndon Johnson VP to Kennedy and became president after Kennedy's assassination created the Great Society program
Fidel Castro dictator of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Jackie Robinson first AA to play baseball in the major leagues for the Dodgers
Brown v. Board of Education, 1954 determined that segregated schools were unconstitutional
Voting Rights Act of 1965 banned racial discriminatory practices in voting, banned literary tests and gave the federal gov. the power to oversee voter registration
Kerner Commission group set up to investigate the causes of race riots in the US cities in the 1960s
Civil Rights Act outlawed discrimination in public places & employment based on race, religion, or national origin
Equal Pay Act law passed in 1963 that required both men & women to recieve equal pay for equal work
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