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25 'Word Wall' Words

2017 iLEAP Social Studies

culture a way of living that is special to a group of people (i.e. language, religion, government.)
agriculture growing crops for food
economy when people make, use, and trade goods and services
government when groups of people make laws and live together as citizens
merchant a person who buys and sells goods
slave trade the kidnapping, buying and selling of people for money
missionary a person sent to a new land to spread his or her religion
colony a piece of land controlled by a country on another continent
Colombian Exchange the movement of people, animals, plants and cultures between the Americas (i.e. North America and South America) and the other continents (i.e. Europe, Asia and Africa)
monarch a ruler who controls the rights of others (i.e. king, queen)
class structure the organization of people in society according to wealth and power
cash crop a crop that is grown to sell for money
House of Burgesses the first group of representatives elected by an American colony’s landowners
representatives a person chosen to act on behalf of others
Puritan a colonist who left England to practice religion freely
commerce the buying and selling of products
exporting selling products to another country
importing buying products from another country
raw materials products made by nature, and often turned into manufactured goods (ex. timber, gold, furs)
manufactured goods products made by people, and often created with raw materials (ex. wooden chair, silver watch, fur coat)
triangular trade the triangle-shaped trade pathways between Africa, the Americas (North and South), and Europe
slavery owning and controlling people against their will
ally a friend
independence to be from the control of others (i.e. freedom from slavery, freedom from a monarch’s rule)
rights when your freedom is a part of the law (i.e. you religious right to practice religions freely)
Created by: smaffet
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