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Progressive Era

Progressive Era Vocabulary for STAAR

Initiative Allows citizens to propose laws and vote on them.
Progressive Movement Aimed at correcting the political and social injustices of the Gilded Age.
Settlement House Community center for immigrants and poor people living in crowded cities.
Muckrakers Reporters, writers, and photographers who exposed the injustices of industrial society and government corruption.
Populist Party Political party representing the common man - farmers, industrial workers - the promoted reforms such as free silver.
18th Amendment Prohibition of the sale, manufacture, and transport of alcohol
Jane Addams Reformer known for establishing the Hull House
Ida B. Wells Reformer that organized a national anti-lynching crusade
Social Gospel Movement It was the moral responsibility of Christians to pass reforms to enhance the lives of the less fortunate
Pure Food and Drug Act Protected consumers health and welfare by insuring quality products
Upton Sinclair Muckraker who wrote about the abuses in the meat packing industry in "The Jungle"
Recall Elected officials can be removed from office by a special election.
17th Amendment Direct election of senators
Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt's progressive program that aimed at protecting the public's general welfare.
19th Amendment Government cannot deny the right to vote based on gender.
Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Law that created Federal Reserve System to control monetary policy.
WEB Du Bois African-American reformer who helped found the NAACP
Theodore Roosevelt Progressive president known for busting trusts
Temperance Movement Led by women, like Francis Willard, to eliminate alcohol
Booker T. Washington Reformer who proposed African-Americans achieve equality gradually through job training.
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