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Unit 8

Westward expansion/Manifest Destiny

What are the people called that went west searching for gold? Forty-niners
What caused the Mexican-American War? The annexation of Texas
What piece of land was purchased from Mexico to complete the Transcontinental Railroad across the southern U.S.? Gadsden Purchase, 1853
What new discovery led large groups of people west to California? Gold
Which group of people came west to escape religious persecution? They later settled in Utah and founded Salt Lake City. Mormons
Which territorial acquisition established the northernmost border of the 49th parallel? Oregon Territory from Britain, 1846
Who refused to pay taxes because he did not support the Mexican War, and was jailed for it? Henry David Thoreau
What piece of land was added to the U.S. after the Mexican War? Mexican Cession
What invention from the Industrial Revolution helped open the west? Transcontinental Railroad
Which group of people in primarily responsible for building the Transcontinental railroad? Chinese
What caused an increase of Irish immigrants into the U.S.? The potato famine
What is Manifest Destiny? The idea that the U.S. had the right, and was destined by God, to expand from the Atlantic to Pacific
Created by: Ms. Mckenzie