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Domestic Policy

Domestic Policy Policy that deals with all activities and concerns within the nation
LBJ's "War on Crime" Domestic policy for LBJ
Gun Control the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, modification, or use of firearms by civilians
Federal spending on crime initiatives
Harsher punishments
three strikes law If a person has been convicted of 2 or more previous felonies, they get a significant increase on their sentence. It also makes it difficult for them to get anything other than a life sentence
"War on Drugs" term used by the federal government to campaign the prohibition of drugs and to reduce illegal drug trade
Brown v Board SCOTUS case where the outcome was there would be no more segregation of schools; started the end of "separate but equal" and overturned Plessy v Ferguson ruling
State Government's role (Education) provide funding and can set specific requirements that have not been established by the federal government. This includes accreditation standards and the drop out age.
Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965) provided many schools with federal aid
Department of Education In charge of any policy or events that pertain to America's Education system
School Vouchers a government funded voucher redeemable for tuition fees at other schools other than public
No Child Left Behind a law passed stating that if schools meet certain requirements set by the federal government, then they will get funding
Renewable resources Includes air, water, wind, the sun, etc. and account for about 7% of America's energy
Global Warming the increase in the earth's temperature which is mostly caused by carbon dioxide and the burning of fossil fuels
Toxic Waste Disposal (Superfund) A fund created by Congress to help clean up hazardous materials that could not be traced back to specific polluters
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administers much of the US environmental protection policy
Environmental Impact Statement a detailed proposal of a policy's environmental effects that agencies are required to file with the EPA if the policy might affect the environment
Clean Air Act (1970) Gives the EPA the responsibility of protecting and improving the nation's air quality
Water Pollution Control Act (1972) enabled regulation of point sources of pollution
Endangered Species Act (1973) requires the federal government to protect all species listed as endangered and have the US Fish and Wildlife Service be in charge of it
Medicare A program designed to provide hospitalization insurance for the elderly and permits older Americans to get benefits on medical expenses. Funded by the federal government
Medicaid A program designed to provide health care for the poor Americans. It is funded by the state and local government
Veteran's Administration An administration that helps provide benefits to any veterans that are in need
Food and Drug Administration Federal agency with regulatory powers over the manufacturing, contents, marketing, and labeling of foods and drugs sold in the United States
Clinton's Health care proposals His proposals would fix the costs and access problems of health care. Faced the problems of his plan being labeled as a government takeover and trying to find a way to fund it.
Obama-care The nickname for the Affordable Health Care Act and focuses on giving people health care that cannot afford it. It also focused on ending discrimination by health insurance companies who would drop coverage on pre-existing conditions
Social Welfare origins (New Deal) Social Welfare promptly began with the New Deal as FDR's administration focused on helping those who had been affected by the Great Depression and the Stock Market crash
Social Security Act Created the Social Security program and the aid to families with Dependent children
LBJ's Great Society He declared war on poverty and provided people with Medicaid, Medicare, and Food Stamps. It was his most important Domestic Policy
Aid to Families with Dependent Children Gives aid to any family that does not have a sole provider and has children to care for
Temporary Assistant for Needy Families Gives aid to needy families, but they are required to find work within 2 years or they will not receive any more aid
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