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8th STAAR Review Era

8th STAAR Review Era 4

What is the idea that as many people as possible should be allowed to vote? Jacksonian Democracy
What war and battle made Jackson a war hero? War of 1812, Battle of New Orleans
Who did Jackson appeal to? the Common Man
How did Jackson solve the conflict between the settlers and the Natives? Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears
What court case did Jackson ignore, that actually ruled to protect the Cherokee from relocation? Worcester V. Georgia
How did Jackson get rid of the national bank, which he thought favored the wealthy? Veto
What event in 1832, did South Carolina threaten to secede over high tariffs? Nullification Crisis
What did Southern states argue they had a right to do if the national government imposed a law on them that was unconstitutional, such as the Tariff of Abominations and the Alien and Sedition Acts? nullify it
What war did the U.S. fight over the border of Texas, which led to the US getting the Southwestern portion of the U.S.? Mexican War
What is the territory called that the US received from Mexico in the Mexican War? Mexican Cession
What territory south of the Mexican Cession did the US later purchase to build a railroad? Gadsden Purchase
What is the idea that American is destined to extend from coast to coast and spread democracy and culture? Manifest Destiny
How did Americans act on the belief in Manifest Destiny? moving West, along trails that crossed rough terrain and harsh conditions
What invention by Robert Fulton allowed goods to be transported more cheaply and efficiently? steam boat
What advancement connected the Hudson River to the Great Lakes, and led to the growth of cities such as New York? Erie Canal
What made it easier to transport people and goods, and linked the East and West? canals, then railroads
What led to the growth of cities, trade and the migration of people? railroads
During what era was the domestic system of production replaced with machines ran by unskilled workers? Industrial Revolution
What replaced skilled workers? unskilled factory workers who worked long hours in dangerous conditions
Why did the U.S. industrialize? new inventions, plenty of workers and natural resources, a laissez faire government, free enterprise
What economic system is where private citizens own businesses and risk their capital to make a profit? Free enterprise
In a free enterprise system, what determines prices of goods? supply and demand
What is laissez-faire? little government involvement in the economy
Why did the Irish come to the US? to escape the Potato Famine and find work in industries
What is nativism? feelings against immigrants
What machine increased the use of slavery to fuel the textile industry? cotton gin
What process was develop to efficiently produce steel? Bessemer process
As industrialization occurred, urbanization also did, which is the growth of what? cities
As industrialization and urbanization increased, many new social problems were created. This led to what era? Age of Reform
What led to statehood for California? gold rush
What law of 1787 created a orderly process for admitting new states into the Union? Northwest Ordinance
What problem did new territories cause? upsetting the balance of free and slave states
Who refused to pay taxes that would support the Mexican War, and therefore, the expansion of slavery? He also developed transcendentalism. Henry David Thoreau
What is the loyalty to one's region? sectionalism
Who often made Compromises to settle sectional disputes? Henry Clay
What region of the US became industrialized? the North
What region of the US was dependent upon the plantation system and slavery? the South
What protected northern businesses from foreign competition, but led to higher prices in the South? tariffs
What territory did the US gain in 1819 in the Spanish Cession? Florida
What court case said the supreme court had the right to judicial review, or review acts of the President and Congress to determine legality under the Constitution? Marbury V. Madison (1803)
What case, under chief Justice John Marshall, said the federal government had the right to regulate interstate commerce? Gibbons V. Ogden
What court case said a state could not tax a national bank and increased the power of the national government? McCulloch V. Maryland
Created by: lauren.davis
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