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8th STAAR Review 3

8th STAAR Review Era 3

What group opposed ratification of the Constitution because they believed the national government had too much power, and took too much power away from states Anti-Federalists
What meeting in Philadelphia in 1787was to revise the Articles, that led to writing a new government with a federal system? Constitutional Convention
What group supported ratification of the Constitution? Federalists
What series of 85 essays written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, defended the Constitution's system of separation of powers and checks and balances The Federalist Papers
What group, including George Mason, argued for a Bill of Rights to protect people from abuse by the powerful national government? Anti-Federalists
What is the period known as that includes the first 5 presidents and their efforts to define the authority of the government and set foreign and domestic policies? The Early Republic
What decided the debate on representation in Congress by creating a bicameral legislature where the House would have proportional representation, while the Senate would have equal? The Great Compromise
The Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan were both plans for what? Congressional Representation
What compromise solved the dispute over how slaves would count towards representation in Congress and taxation? Three-Fifths Compromise
What early president encouraged no political parties and isolationism, and set many precedents such as the cabinet? Washington
What president faced such issues as the XYZ Affair with France, and the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts? John Adams
What president purchased the Louisiana Territory from France, and passed the Embargo Act in 1807 to avoid war with France? Thomas Jefferson
What president led the US in the War of 1812, and was also known as "Father of the Constitution" for his work at the Convention? James Madison
What president warned Europe to consider the Americans CLOSED to any further colonization, changing US foreign policy? James Monroe (Monroe Doctrine)
What war with Britain due to impressment, violating US free trade and arming Natives, led to an increase in US manufacturing and a decrease in dependence on foreign imports? War of 1812
After the War of 1812, the U.S. entered a period of national unity known as the Era of ? Good Feelings
What sparked the Industrial Revolution by blocking the US from importing goods, such as British textiles? Therefore, the US had to start making their own (Lowell's factories) War of 1812
In Washington's presidency, Alexander Hamilton's financial policies that included a national bank led to the formation of what? political parties
What early political party supported Hamilton's financial policies, a strong national government, loose interpretation of the Constitution, and an industrial economy? Federalists
What early political party was formed by Jefferson, and favored stronger state governments, strict interpretation of the Constitution and an agrarian economy? Democratic-Republicans
What amendment protects the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition? 1st
What amendment solves a grievance in the Declaration of Independence by protecting citizens from quartering soldiers in their homes? 3rd
What amendment guarantees a federal system by stating all powers not awarded to the national government are reserved for the staets? 10th
What principle of the Constitution means that people are the source of the government's power? popular sovereignty
What principle states that the wishes of the people are represented by elected officials? republicanism
What principle divides the power of government into 3 branches, each with their own powers? separation of powers
What principle creates a system of checks on the power of branches to keep one from gaining too much power? checks and balances
What principle puts restrictions on the power of the government? limited government
The first 10 amendments protect people from the power of the government, in a principle known as what? individual rights
A person who goes through a legal process to become a citizen of the U.S., such as be 18, speak/write English and take a test naturalized citizen
Process the government must follow in order to punish you for a crime, such as provide a fair trial.... due process
amendment where a separate ballot is cast for Pres and Vice Pres to avoid ties and unusual outcomes 12th
natural rights that people are born with, and cannot be taken away without due process unalienable rights
Created by: lauren.davis