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Chapter 15 Quiz

Who helped organize resistance to discrimination in the Southwest? Josephine Fierro de Bright
Who wrote about a prosperous utopia in the mountains of Tibet? James Hilton
Who received blame for the development of shantytowns? Herbert Hoover
Who wrote the Sound and the Fury? William Faulkner
Who presented the American dream as a nightmare in Miss Lonelyhearts? Nathanael West
Who believed businesses should deal with the depression without government help? Andrew Mellon
Who organized Unemployed Leagues to demand work? A.J. Muste
Who was a social reformer and great political asset to her husband? Eleanor Roosevelt
Who promised a "new deal" during his election campaign? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who wrote the Studs Lonigan trilogy? James T. Farrell
What did NOT describe the U.S. economy before the depression? a Bear Market (falling market)
What resulted in the worst economic crisis for banks? Borrowers defaulting on bank loans
What was NOT a cause of the Great Depression? The rising stock market
What dis farmers NOT have during the depression? High demand for their products
Who believed that capitalism was to blame for the Great Depression? Socialists & Communists
In 1932 Congress passed a bonus bill that aided WWI veterans. FALSE
FDR came from a wealthy and prestigious family. TRUE
Republicans won decisive majorities in both houses of Congress in 1932 FALSE
The "Scottsboro Boys" were aided by the Communist Party. TRUE
Some economists believe depressions are a normal part of the business cycle. TRUE
Immigration to the U.S. greatly increased during the depression. FALSE
The percentage of women in the workforce increased in the 1930's TRUE
Southern cotton farmers faced food shortages during the depression TRUE
The number of radios greatly increased during the 1930's TRUE
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