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Am Hist 25

The Great Depression and the New Deal

Franklin Delano Roosevelt President who proposed the New Deal to use the government to help end the Great Depression
Herbert Hoover President who thought people would get out of the Depression on their own without government help
Hoovervilles temporary homes that people set up when they lost their homes
Relief This was part of the New Deal that gave people food and jobs to be able to survive
Recovery This was part of the New Deal that provided national programs to improve the US as a country
Reform This was part of the New Deal that changed the laws to prevent some of the problems that caused the Great Depression
Run on banks When people panicked and all tried to get their savings at the same time
Black Tuesday The day the Stock Market crashed and dropped dramatically in value
overproduction of products and farm produce Causes of the Great Depression
Bonus Army World War I veterans who protested at the Capitol because they wanted their war pay early
Dust Bowl The drought and windstorm conditions in the Midwest that causes many farmers to leave
Fireside chats Weekly radio conversations that FDR had to comfort and reassure people during the Great Depression
REA the program that brought electricity to rural areas
CCC the program that provided jobs planting trees and creating parks
FDIC federal program that protects savings in banks up to $100, 000 per account
SSA federal program that provides some retirement and / or disability income to people based on how much they have worked
WPA a jobs program that helped artists and craftsmen. This program provided the Beach House at Flandrau.
Eleanor Roosevelt A person who fought for equal rights for all, specifically African Americans and women
Mary McLeod Bethune An African American educator who was involved with the Black Cabinet, which advised President Roosevelt on conditions for African Americans
New Deal President Roosevelt's plan to use the government to provide relief, recovery and reform for the US
Great Depression Deep and long-lasting downturn in the economy of the US in the 1930s
California The destination for many people escaping from the Dust Bowl
Great Plains/ Midwest The region of the US that experienced the most extreme conditions of the Dust Bowl
buying on margin purchasing stocks with just a small amount of money and using a loan to pay for the rest.
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