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Chap. 29 SS-Bauer

The mixing of different racial or ethnic groups Integration
Separating people on buses, in schools, in restaurants and restrooms is example of Segregation
Legal separation of people based on racial, ethnic, or other differences Segregation
Idea that people have a right to disobey laws that they consider to be unjust if their consciences demand it Civil disobedience
The efforts of African Americans to win equal rights Civil rights movement
To refuse to buy or use certain goods or services Boycott
An 1896 court case in which the supreme ruled that segregation in public facilities was legal as long as the facilities were equal Plessy v. Ferguson
1954 lawsuit against Topeka School Board for discrimination against a man's daughter. He won separate but equal was declared unconstitutional Brown vs. Board of Education
Set precedent for the argument of trial by jury of peers. Man was convicted by an all-white jury Hernandez v. Texas
Rosa Parks led blacks to protest causing a loss of money Montgomery Bus Boycott
_______________-policy that denies the rights of certain groups of people discrimination
Considered to be the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, schools were integrated "with all deliberate speed", the Little Rock Nine were escorted by federal troops after _____________ Brown
The Montgomery Bus Boycott led to the ___ ____ _____. MIA: Montgomery Improvement Association
City leaders chose ______to lead the protest after the MIA was formed. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The MIA gave rise to ______________ ________________. Civil Disobedience
Civil Disobedience was modeled after ________efforts in India. Ghandi's
Plessy V. Ferguson affected the __________community. It helped African Americans be recognized as_________________. It is important because minorities are still fighting for ________rights. African Americans citizens equal
Form of protest in which people sit and refuse to leave. sit-in
Number less than half of the total minority
Program to provide more job and education opportunities for people who faced discrimination in the past affirmative action
A person who moves from one region to another in search of work migrant worker
Act or decision that sets an example for others to follow precedent
Movement where Indians protested their treatment in 1973 AIM=American Indian Movement
Organization founded in 1909 to work toward equal rights for African Americans NAACP=National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Asian Americans joined the civil rights movement in 1968 in Berkeley, CA when they founded________________ AAPA=Asian American Political Alliance
Passed by Congress before the war ended to help returning veterans. GI Bill of Rights
One result of more Latino voters and elected officials was the passing of ____________________ Voting Rights Act of 1975
These acts promoted bilingual programs in public schools with Spanish-speaking and Asian students The Bilingual Education Acts of 1968 and 1973
This act outlawed discrimination in hiring based on gender and on race The Civil Rights Act of 1964
primarily a voting rights bill, was the first federal civil rights legislation The Civil Rights Act of 1957
outlawed the discriminatory voting practices adopted in many southern states after the Civil War The Civil Rights Act of 1965
organized campaign to win property, education, and other rights for women Women's Rights Movement
In the 1970's this movement began because more than 10 million Latino's lived in the U.S. The Latino Movement
First African American to play in the major leagues; broke the color barrier in baseball Jackie Robinson
Her refusal to give up her seat led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks
Black Muslim who called for a society in which there could exist honest white-black brotherhood Malcolm X
African American who called for nonviolent direct action Martin Luther King, Jr.
a volunteer campaign in the United States launched in June 1964 to attempt to register as many African-American voters as possible in Mississippi. Freedom Summer
He argued before the Supreme Court in 1954 in the case that ended the practice of separate schools for black and white students Thurgood Marshall
He proposed a reform called the Fair Deal to provide low cost housing and government-financed health insurance President Truman
President who believed in limiting federal spending and reducing federal regulation of the economy. Middle of the road approach President Eisenhower
what was the 14th amendment The amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws, and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War.
what was a baby boom a sudden rapid increase in the number of baby being born
what happened in the 1950s? African Americans and Mexican Americans started to step up for there rights, and this became known as the civil rights movement
what is the sclc The Southern Christian Leadership conerence
what does CORE stand for Conference of racial equality
what does sncc stand for Student nonviolent coordinating comity
what was the involvement of media people would see the news about the protests on TV and on the radio and decide that they want to join in to.
what is Affirmative Action program to provide more job and education opportunities for people who faced discrimination in the past.
what is an Economic Boom a period of significant output of goods and services within a population
Created by: Mrs. Logan



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