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Gilded Age Vocab

8-5.4 and 5.5 SC History

Gilded Age The time when only a handful of Americans became rich, but portrayed the US as being covered in gold.
Transcontinental stretching across a continent; from coast to coast
Entrepreneurs Businessmen willing to take risks by investing in, or buying a new business
Monopoly A company that has total control of an industry
Mass Production manufacturing goods in large quantities with the help of machines
New South the southern states after Reconstruction that emphasized factories and cities, as well as farms
Mill Towns Unhealthy places built by companies to house their workers
Bourbons Another name for the democrats that followed Wade Hampton
Disenfranchising Depriving someone of the right to vote
Eight Box Law A way to disenfranchise black voters who could not read; Required voters to place their vote in the correct box.
Grandfather Clause Made it possible for illiterate white males to vote if their grandfather voted in the 1860 election.
Created by: brechbillc