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Eval Mr lafferty


What is a protagonist The main character of a story
What is an antagonist A character that works against the main character
define Man Vs. Self internal conflict, stays inside
define Man Vs. Society A conflict that includes society
define Man Vs. Man Conflict with another character
define Man Vs. Nature A conflict that is uncontrollable, part of life
Define mood The tone of the story, how the author is feeling
Define imagery Using words to create an image in the reader's mind
Define characterization represents the person or other creatures?
Define Repetition repeating a phrase or word
Define onomatopoeia imitating sounds with words
Define pace The speed of the story
Define foreshadowing Giving hints in the text about what might happen next
List the 2 meanings GAME for the title "The Most Dangerous Game" Something entertaining (game), The most dangerous quarry
before the hunt, what advice does the general give to Mr. Rainsford (3) Don't go into "death swamp", wear moccasins, Zaroff hunts at night
what is given to Zaroff's huntees to participate in the hunt food, hunting knife, hunting clothes, a three hour head start
What did the Uganda knife sling do? Killed Ivan in the chest
What did the tiger pit do? Caught one of his finest hounds
What happened day one hides in a tree Zaroff finds him, couldn't sleep
What happened day 2 Sets up traps
What happened day three Kills dog and Ivan
Rainsford's definition of civilized Treating people fairly
Zaroff's definition of civilized having nice things
Rainsford view on hunting hunters and huntees
Whitney's view on hunting animals feel fear, pain, death
zaroff's view on hunting split into the weak and the strong
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