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Unit 7 Not Busby's

For people who still need to study. (Even if the teacher doesn't care.)

What reform movement wanted to free government from the influence of big business during the late 19th century? Progressive Movement
Who were the Democratic supporters of Wade Hampton III that wanted to retake control of South Carolina from the Republicans. Redeemers
Name the Supreme Court case that established "Separate but Equal", doctrine. Plessy v. Ferguson
List three ways in which the Tillmanite's limited the vote of African Americans. eight Box Law, poll taxes, and literacy tests
In 1896, the Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson was a controversial case. What is the term used to describe the separation of people based on race that was upheld by this case? segregation
After the American Civil War there was a rebirth in Confederate spirit. How did many southerners during this time period refer to the Civil War? "Lost Cause"
What laws existed throughout the South and South Carolina in the late 19th century (late 1800s), that limited the civil rights of African Americans? Jim Crow Laws
During the late 1800s where were the most crowded cities in the United States located? (choose one: southeast, northeast, southwest, northwest, central) northeast
In the late 19th century there was a new wave of immigrants allowed to enter the United States. Why? Large industries in the North needed workers (laborers).
In the late 19th century, many struggling South Carolina farmers packed up their families and moved to new parts of the state. To where and why did these families move? Many moved to textile mill towns to find work.
Many large cities in the Northeast had factories with employment opportunities, which led to a rapid increase in population. What types of people were moving to these cities? immigrants
Give two reasons why children were chosen by employers to work in textile mills. 1. children were cheap labor 2. children could work in small places that many adults could not.
What did the 19th amendment accomplish during the Progressive Era? Gave women the right to vote.
What was a major goal of reformers during the Progressive Era? To stop and correct the abuses of big businesses.
What is the name given to the second half of the 19th century (late 1800s), that saw a dramatic increase in manufactured goods produced by the United States? Industrial Revolution
Name given to racially motivated attacks that typically led to death? These were not uncommon during the late 1800s in the South and South Carolina. lynchings
Name the law passed by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1882, that greatly reduced the African American vote. Railroad Industry
Give two reasons why South Carolina became the second largest textile producing state in the nation. 1. raw materials (cotton) 2. fast running rivers 3. willingness to change
Identify two reasons why northern industries were drawn to South Carolina in the late 19th century. Upstate (ex. Spartanburg, Anderson, Greenville)
Name three industries, other than agriculture, that began to thrive in South Carolina during the late 19th century. 1. textiles 2. phosphate mining 3. wood products
Give three reasons why a man in South Carolina may have chosen to work and live in a mill town. 1. earn a wage 2. provided a school for children 3. town store 4. town church 5. housing available
Following Reconstruction South Carolina suffered through an agricultural depression. What law was passed by Conservatives that showed there was no interest in helping small farmers economically? Crop Lien Law
Which group was most responsible for the rise of the Populist Party in South Carolina in the late 19th century? small farmers
What is another name for the Populist Party? The People's Party.
Which South Carolina governor was against African Americans having the right to vote and tried to disenfranchise them when ever possible? Which South Carolina governor was against African Americans having the right to vote and tried to disenfranchise them when ever possible?
What agricultural college was established by Ben Tillman and is the best example of a land grant college? Clemson University
Ben Tillman easily won the election for governor in 1890, who were his main supporters? poor white farmers
What organization was established to represent farmers as a group and to make their voices heard in government? Patrons of Husbandry
What is another name for the Patrons of Husbandry? The Grange
What two natural disasters occurred in the late 19th century, that made it hard for South Carolina to recover from the Civil War? 1. Earthquake of 1886 2. Hurricane of 1893
Many farmers in South Carolina suffered economically during the late 19th century. In fact, 62% of all farmers were involved in __________________ farming. Tenant farming
What is the name given to American writers who published articles and books that influenced American society during the early 20th century? muckrakers
What system did Ben Tillman champion (promote) to control the sale of alcohol in South Carolina? Dispensary System
Created by: andrew.dezelle
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