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Civil War Review

When a state breaks away from a nation? Secede
What are the 3 main reasons for the Civil War? Sectionalism, States' Rights, and Slavery
At first, how did Lincoln feel about slavery? He didn't want it to spread to the West. He was OK with it where it already existed.
What was Lincoln's major purpose in fighting the Civil War? He wanted to preserve the Union.
What was the Northern side of the war called? Union
What was the Southern side of the war called? Confederacy
How did the Emancipation Proclamation help the Union Army? Freed slaves were able to join the Union Army.
Commander of the Union troops in the Civil War? Ulysses S. Grant
Commander of the Confederate troops in the Civil War? Robert E. Lee
President of the Union Abraham Lincoln
President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Stated ALL slaves in Rebel states were free.
Another word for Draft? Conscription.
Short speech by Lincoln at cemetery that stated North must keep going. Gettysburg Address
How did technology affect warfare in the Civil War? Many more people were killed with newer bullets and guns that made for better accuracy.
Cause of the draft riots Fear of blacks taking jobs in New York City and discrimination against the poor. Rich could buy their way out of the army.
What were the major factors for the Union's victory? Large population, better manufacturing, and blockades around the South.
How did Sherman help to break the Southern will to fight? His "March to the Sea", burning and destroying everything his troops came upon in the South.
Where did Lee surrender to Grant? Appomatox Court House
Who assassinated Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater
Two Medal of Honor recipients; One is African American, the other from Chile. William Carney and Philip Bazaar.
Lincoln's First Inaugural Address South cannot separate from North. Only dispute is slavery. Friends, not enemies. Won't mess with slavery where it exists.
Jefferson Davis' Inaugural Address A reunion of states is NOT desirable. South has the right to break away from Union.
Gettysburg Address The sacrifice of lives were made to preserve equality to all and must continue the good fight.
Created by: MrJamesIMMS