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Great Depression #03

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What is overproduction? Producing or making more than is necessary
What is a depression? A time when people can’t find work and many businesses close. Many people lose their jobs.
What is a recession? A decline or slow-down in the economy but it is not as bad as a depression
What is economy? The wealth and services that are produced and consumed (it's all about the money, honey!)
What were causes of the Great Depression? Farm prices decreased because of overproduction. Factories overproduced goods and couldn’t sell all their products. Factory wages were low. Workers were laid off. Investors rushed to sell their stocks.
How did buying on credit cause the economy to decline? When people bought on credit, they may not have actually had the money to pay for everything. When it came time to pay, they didn't have any money so the businesses that they owed the money to didn't get paid and had to close up. More and more people lost their jobs when the businesses closed.
Why did the banks fail, and how did the failure of banks affect people? People were out of work and couldn't pay the bank the money they had borrowed. Businesses that had borrowed money from the bank had to close up so they couldn't pay the money back.
What happened on October 29, 1929, and why did it happen? The stock market crashed. Because people were buying stock on margin/with credit, when it crashed and people rushed to sell what they had, there was very little money left.
What was “The Dust Bowl,” where did it happen, and what caused it? What: severe drought and terrible windstorms that caused dust storms to roar across the Great Plains. Where: Great Plains Causes: drought, storms, and the destruction of sod and overproduction beginning with Westward Expansion and continuing through the 20s
What were effects of the Dust Bowl? Farmers lost money Many people left the Dust Bowl area and migrated to California.
How did people feel about President Hoover’s efforts to help the country during the Great Depression? He did not do enough to help the people. They blamed him for their suffering (nicknaming shantytowns “hoovervilles” and the newspapers they slept under “hoover blankets.”)
What did President Roosevelt do to help the country during the Great Depression? Stronger government intervention and spending. New Deal programs: relief, recovery, and reform
What is Social Security?  forced savings account so people over 65 would have money when they retired or could no longer work, still in place today
What is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)? It insures money in the bank up to a certain amount (today, $250,000), restored and maintained confidence in the banking system, still in place today
What is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)? It helped regulate the stock market and prevented inappropriate sale of stock, still in place today
What was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)? It created jobs and helped conserve and protect the natural environment, built many state and national parks, planted trees, cleared trails, etc.
What ended the Great Depression? When the U.S. got involved in World War II it led to more people getting jobs. The “war industry” helped boost our economy.
How does what happened during the Great Depression/New Deal era relate to what is happening currently in our country? Today we have a Decline in prices, unemployment, problems with too many loans/credit (housing industry) and lots of federal involvement and spending on programs
Created by: pattefo