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The Erie Canal The 2 bodies of water where the Hudson river and Lake Erie. It made traveling and trading easier. It was also much cheaper. NY became a boom town because it was a center of business. The low bridges was a very high danger. Most people didn't think positive of the Erie Canal but the governor DeWitt Clinton still went through it and proved others wrong.
Industrial Revolution The IR begins in Britain.. Britain tried to keep their methods a secret, but Samuel Slater memorized how mills operated. Slater Mill, in Road Island, becomes the first American Factory. Goods were being made in factories. Large machines required new power sources. New power sources=water wheel. Larger mills required a larger power source. Rapid major change in economy marked by the general introduction of power based machinery.
Lowell Mills Work schedule is 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The impact on the town is that the town become more populated because many people lived their to be closer to work. The impact on the women who work their is that they have to do a lot of work that is dangerous and they dont get paid a lot. Many got severe illness from the mills and left. Only reason they would leave is from marriage proposals, or illness.
Reform Reform means to change. A reformer is someone that changes something or wants a change in something.
Temperance Movement The Temperance Movement main focus was on Alcohol. Women were behind the movement. The men came home drunk and didn't use it to help the family. The beer would ruin the kids.
Women's Reform The Women's Reform is like the Declaration of Independence because they used some of the same words like. Women got most of their ideas from the Declaration of Independence. Some grievances were that they couldn't own property, they couldn't vote. "All men and women are created equal." They were kept out of church affairs. They were payed less than men. By doing all this they would hope for equality and that they would petition and hope the church would help.
Nellie Bly
Created by: 22belec
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