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History Benchmark

3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark - History 7th

What are some of the technology changes in the 1920’s? Radio,Television, and Automobiles
What were the effects of the assembly line? Faster production, and affordable automobiles.
What are the results of Prohibition? Organized crime, speakeasies, and bootleggers.
What are the reasons that African Americans moved north in the Great Migration? They made the journey to find new job opportunities in the city. Jim Crow laws, segregation, and violence towards blacks also led many families to leave the South.
Georgia O'Keeffe Artist who was known for modernist paintings, landscapes, buildings, urban and flowers
Jacob Lawrence Artist who was known for his “Great Migration” collection
F. Scott Fitzgerald Author of the “Great Gatsby”
John Steinbeck Author of “Grapes of Wrath”
Langston Hughes A poet, author, and playwright that came of out the Harlem Renaissance
George Gershwin Composer who was known for incorporate syncopated rhythms and jazz into his music; best known for his song “Rhapsody in Blue”
Duke Ellington Piano player who wrote more than 1,000 songs that came of out the Harlem Renaissance
Bessie Smith Jazz/Blues singer of the Harlem Renaissance
Aaron Copland Composer who developed an American classical style of music; his most famous piece was Appalachian Spring
Louis Armstrong Trumpet player who is known for his distinct voice who comes out of the Harlem Renaissance
Modernism Modernist painters wanted to create images inspired by the artist’s own feelings and creativity.
What are the five goals of the New Deal Program? -Social Security -Federal work programs -Environmental improvement programs -Farm assistance programs -Increased rights for labor
Who is the President that create a government recovery program to help the country get out of the depression? Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Joseph Stalin The communist dictator of Russia during WWII
Adolf Hitler Fascist dictator of Germany who took over most of Europe
Franklin D. Roosevelt The President of the United States during most of the war. He also issued the Lend and Lease Act to help Great Britain before the attacks on Pearl Harbor.
Fascism political philosophy in which total power is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied and nationalism and, often, racism are emphasized.
Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain during the war
Benito Mussolini The fascist dictator of Italy
Hideki Tojo The Japanese dictator/army general who ordered the attacks on Pearl Harbor
Harry S. Truman The President of the United States who ordered the atomic bombs be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
10 events in order of WW2 -Invasion of Poland - 1 -Invasion of France - 2 -Battle of Britain -3 -Lend-Lease -4 -Attack on Pearl Harbor - 5 -Battle of Midway - 6 -Battle of Stalingrad - 7 -D-Day Invasion at Normandy - 8 -Hiroshima - 9 -Nagasaki - 10
Define Anti-Semitism Hatred of Jews, that Hitler and other Nazi leaders began stirring up before the war. (Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s problems.)
Define Aryan Supremacy. Aryan Supremacy is the Nazi belief that the Germanic/Northern European ethnic group was a superior race that should rule the world.
What is the difference between a concentration camp and a death camp? Concentration camps: Large prison camps for anyone considered a threat to Nazi power. Poos conditions caused many prisoners to die. Death camps: Large numbers of Jews were sent to gas chambers to be killed.
What are the different tactics that the Nazi’s used to get rid of the Jews? -Boycotts of Jewish stores -Threats, violence, and discriminatory laws against Jews. -Segregated areas for Jews. -Concentration camps. -Death camps.
Why did the US Government no longer trust Japanese Americans? Because Japan bombed the US navy base at Pearl Harbor in 1941, December 7th, 1941.
What did the US Government do to Japanese Americans during WWII? Many Japanese were forced to live in internment camps (these were essentially jails) in the United States.
How could people on the homefront help the war? Make sacrifices Defence camps conserving and rationing resources.
What type of work did women do during WWII? Thousands of American women took jobs in defense plants during the war.
Who became the symbol of women working in defense camps? Rosie the Riveter
Allied Powers The Big 3 - FDR - US, Churchill - Great Britain, Stalin - Russia
Axis Powers Hitler - Germany, Mussolini - Italy, Hideki Tojo & Emperor Hirohito - Japan, All were fasists
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