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Social 20-1 Unit 1

Highest to lowest estate of the ancient regime King, First Estate, Second Estate, Third Estate
Who is apart of the Second Estate? Nobility, and the Aristocrats
What war nearly bankrupted France? 100 years war
What ideas challenged the tradition idea of classes? Age of enlightenment
What did the enlightenment movement teach people? don't trust authority
What fueled economic hardship? financial mismanagement
What was King Louis XVI called to do? call a national assembly
What did the national assembly swear to in the tennis court oath? people will not stop meeting until there was constitutional change.
Why did the commoners break into the Bastille? beginning of the French revolution. "beginning of the end"
What symbol to the people of France create as their symbol? Flag of France, tricolour cockade
Declaration of Rights of men? fundamental document of the French revolution and in the history of human and civil rights. (equality among all men)
What symbolizes the beginning of the French republic? Death of the King
Why is the declaration of Men suspended? scared into the French revolution
Who was crowed emperor in 1804? Napoleon Bonaparte
What was napoleons army taught to do? taught to live off the land and seize resources when possible
What weakened Napoleons army? Russian invasion due to Napoleon miscalculating Russian resistance.
Why did Napoleon briefly return to France? to lead the Hundred Days campaign where he was defeated by the Britain in the battle of waterloo
What is one of the most defining moments in American Nationalism? Boston Tea Party
what does "no taxation without representation" mean? When King George III decided to tax the colonists more, this angered the colonists because they had no say in how they were taxed as they never had representatives in the British parliament.
What did the event of the Boston tea party eventually lead up to? Lead to the escalation in the American Revolution and ultimately American independence from Britain
Quebecois? a resident of Quebec
Sovereignists? people who are in support of Quebec becoming their own nation-state
Federalists? people who opposed to Quebec sovereignty
Quiet Revolution? gave a voice to people calling affirmation of the francophone language and culture to protect it from the dominant Anglophone culture.
What was a key change in the Quiet Revolution changes to education
October Crises? FLQs (extreme separist group) kidnapped pierre laport in front of his house and demanded the release of political prisoners and demanded that the FLQ manifesto be read over the television.
What did Pierre Trudeau create due to the October crises the wars measure act, which took away civil rights of Canadians.
Bill 101? Charter of the French Language
What did bill 101 Placed strong restrictions on the use of English in Quebec to prevent further erosion of French language and culture
Meech Lake Accord? Mulroney promised national reconciliation to Quebec because he wanted to end the bitterness between Quebec and the rest of Canada.
South Baffin Place Names Project? process to help affirm Inuit identity and strengthen their nation
Multiculturalism? A belief or policy that promotes cultural and ethnic diversity
Pluralism? belief or policy that a society should be inclusive and encourage diversity.
Reasonable accommodation? is a legal concept that requires public offices to adapt to practices of minorities as long as other rights and freedoms are not violated.
Reconciliation? the act of coming to terms with past injustices and repairing differences in order for people to coexist peacefully
What is the Royal Commission? Canadian government created this as a way of making mends with aboriginals.
Class Loyalty? loyalty to people from a particular group/class
Religious Loyalty? loyalty to religious organization
Regional Loyalty? loyalty to a region and the interest of people living there
ideological loyalty? loyalty to a shared idea about how society should work
cultural loyalty? loyalty to a way of life
ethnic loyalty? loyalty to people of the same racial background
Belfast Agreement? attempted peace in Northern Ireland
What is the NEP National Energy Program
Who was premier during the NEP Peter Lougheed
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