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8B Industrialization

Reform Movements

8B Industrialization REFORM MOVEMENTS
What was the SECOND GREAT AWAKENING? Early 1800's; The spiritual leaders began preaching "if you want to get into heaven, you must serve your fellow man"
What were the consequences of industrialization? Good: People had jobs and were making money. Bad: Workers were often exploited; dirty, crowded cities
How did the Second Great Awakening affect people during the industrialization era? Many reformers stepped up to try to fix social problems
What is temperance? Movement to restrict or eliminate alcoholic beverages
Why were people opposed to alcoholic beverages? Women and children were often hurt when the man of the house went to the bar instead of paying their rent
Was the temperance movement successful? Yes. The 18th amendment made alcohol use and production illegal in the U.S.A.
Who was Horace Mann? Reformer who believed that education was the key to eliminating poverty. He championed free public schools for everyone.
Who was Dorothea Dix? She was a prison reformer. Her most important achievement was getting the mentally ill out of jails and into hospitals.
Who were the leaders of the women's rights movement? Susan B. Anthony; Lucretia Mott; Elizabeth Cady Stanton
What was the Seneca Falls Convention? Rally for women's rights. Seneca Falls produced the "Declaration of Sentiments" demanding equal rights for women
What is suffrage? The right to vote
When did women get suffrage? 1919: the 19th amendment gives women the right to vote
What is abolition? Movement to end slavery
How did the Northwest Ordinance address slavery? In 1787, the Northwest Ordinance created a plan for adding states from the lands in the Ohio River Valley. It said that slavery would not be allowed in those new states.
Who was William Lloyd Garrison? White, male abolitionist. He wrote a newspaper which spoke truthfully about the brutality of slavery.
Who were the Grimke sisters? Southern plantation women who left the south to speak out against slavery. They thought it un-Christian.
Who was Harriet Tubman? Conductor of the Underground Railroad.
Who was Frederick Douglass? Escaped slave who moved north and spoke brilliantly about the evils of slavery.
Who was Sojourner Truth? Escaped slave who, like Frederick Douglass, spoke brilliantly about the evils of slavery.
Created by: DuncanvilleYoung