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World War II #03

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What is a Victory Garden? A garden people on the home front planted to grow their own food. They were called Victory Gardens because it helped Americans save money that then could go toward the war effort.
How were Adolph Hitler and the Axis powers able to conquer much of Europe and Asia so quickly? Because they caught Europe by surprise. Europe was not expecting to be invaded and taken over
Who were the Tuskegee Airmen? A group of African-American pilots who fought in World War II. They flew many successful missions for the Allied Powers and helped win the war.
What does D-Day stand for? The day or date of a planned military operation
Who was the leader of the Allied forces on D-Day? General Dwight D Eisenhower
What happened on June 6, 1944 (D-Day)? On that day nearly 200,000 Allied soldiers invaded northern France. One million soldiers landed in France within ten days.
How long did it take for the Allies to defeat the Axis forces in North Africa? Several months
What happened in May 1945? Germany was forced to surrender.
What is V-E Day? Vitory in Europe
What is an aircraft carrier? A large ship that carries airplanes far from land. The ship is so large that the planes can take off from and land on the deck of the ship.
What is island hopping? Island hopping is skipping over some islands and attacking others. The Allies were able to capture some of the islands and then those islands could be used as a place from which to attack other islands closer to Japan.
Created by: pattefo