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Roaring 20s #02

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What was Henry Ford's most successful automobile? The Model T
Before the Model T how had cars been made? Before the Model T cars were made one at a time by small groups of workers
What was the secret to Ford’s manufacturing success? The assembly line - it allowed him to produce cars more cheaply and much faster
What is jazz? A style of music characterized by a strong, flexible rhythm and use of improvisation.
What is a broadcast? A program sent out over a radio or television station.
Where did most people in the United States live in the early 1900’s? On farms or in small country towns
How did World War I change where people lived? During World War I rural people began moving to cities in large numbers. They took jobs in factories and other businesses.
What were some technological advances of the 1920s and how did they change people's lives? • Cars – people traveled long distances more easily • Paved roads – made travel easier • Electricity – people had lights and appliances for their homes • Vacuum cleaners – gave people more free time • Washing machines – gave people more free time
What was the nickname for the 1920s? “Roaring Twenties” because people felt like life was “roaring” forward like a speeding car.
What were some things women started to do in the 1920s that they had not done before? play sports go to college work outside their homes drive cars fly airplanes vote
Who was Duke Ellington? A bandleader in the 1920’s
When was the first radio signal sent across the Atlantic and who sent it? The first radio signal was sent across the Atlantic in 1901 by Guglielmo Marconi.
Who was the first baseball player to hit 60 home runs in a season? Babe Ruth
Who was Langston Hughes? An African American poet who lived in Harlem
Who was Louis Armstrong? A singer and trumpeter who was popular in the 1920s.
What is improvisation? Musicians decide which notes to play as they perform
How did jazz begin? Jazz began among African Americans who lived in the South.
Where is Harlem and what is it famous for? Harlem is a neighborhood in New York and it is famous for jazz
What important information was in the first radio broadcast? The first radio broadcast announced that Warren Harding had been elected President of the United States.
What is an aviator? A person who flies an aiarplane
Who made the first successful airplane flight? The Wright Brothers
Where was the first successful airplane flight made? Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
When was the first successful airplane flight made? 1903
Who was the first person to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean? Charles Lindbergh
What does transatlantic mean? Across the Atlantic Ocean
Who was Amelia Earhart? A female pilot who set many flying records
What happened to Amelia Earhart? No one knows - she was flying around the world and her plane disappeared
Who was Bessie Coleman? The first African American woman pilot
What groups of Americans still faced prejudice in the 1920’s? Women African Americans Asian Americans Mexican Americans
What is the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)? A group of mostly white men who spread hatred against immigrants, African Americans, Jewish people, and Catholics. The Klan had as many as five million members by the mid-1920’s. They dressed in robes and hoods to hide their faces. They attacked and sometimes killed people they felt were “un-American”.
What is the 18th Amendment? It made selling and drinking alcoholic beverages against the law in the United States. This was called Prohibition.
What does Prohibition mean? The act of forbidding something
What is the 21st Amendment? Ended Prohibition - people could in the United States could legally drink alcohol again