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Roaring 20s #01

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What was President Warren Harding’s message to the American people, and what did it mean? President Harding became President after World War I ended. His message was “Back to Normalcy”. It meant people could stop thinking about war and go back to their homes and jobs.
What is a boom? A boom is a period of fast economic growth.
What was the reason for the economic boom following World War I? Following World War I there was an increase in international trade that caused the economy to improve and grow quickly.
What is an assembly line? An assembly line is a long line of workers and equipment. Each group of workers on an assembly line does one job. For example, the first group might line up two pieces of the car. The next group connects the pieces with bolts.
What is "division of labor"? Division of labor is a way or organizing work. When a company uses division of labor, each worker or group of workers has one small task in a big project. Factories can produce goods more quickly and inexpensively using division of labor.
What is mass production? Mass production is using machines to make many products at once.
Who was Henry Ford? Henry Ford was an entrepreneur who founded Ford Motor Company in 1910. His company’s factories began using mass production to produce automobiles.
What does it mean to “invest”? To invest means to use savings in the hope of earning more money in the future.
What is “stock”? A stock is a share of ownership in a company. Investors buy stocks at a certain price. When a company earns money, the value of its stock usually increases. Then the people who own stocks, also known as stockholders, can sell it at a higher price to earn money. When the value of the stock falls, however, the stockholder can lose money.
What is the stock market? The stock market is the place where stocks are bought and sold.
Who were the three US Presidents elected during the 1920s? Warren Harding Calvin Coolidge Hebert Hoover
How did President Coolidge want the government to act? Coolidge wanted the government to act like a business.
What did President Coolidge believe about taxes and what did he do to show this belief? President Coolidge believed that if taxes were lower, people would have more money to save and invest. To show this belief he cut taxes.
Who did President Hoover believe was responsible for the economic growth of the country? President Hoover believed that real economic growth came from the hard work of ordinary people.
What is the Harlem Renaissance? A time period centered in Harlem, New York, where African Americans created noteworthy works of art, music, and literature.
Created by: pattefo
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