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Junko Protest

Hippies Group that rejected the conformity, materialism, and work ethic of the older generation
Equal Rights Amendment The failed attempt to pass a Constitutional amendment that would bring promise equality between the genders
Betty Friedan Author of the book "The Feminine Mystique"
NOW National Organization for Women
The Summer of Love A movement that embraced an alternative to the social concerns of the 1960s
Woodstock Rock festival in New York that drew 500,000 people
Cesar Chavez Leader of a successful Grape Boycott to win rights for Hispanic farm workers
EPA The organization that was created to protect "the entire ecological chain"
Three Mile Island The site of a near nuclear disaster in Pennsylvania
Rock and Roll The anthems of the 1960s can be found in this music that bonded the consciousness movement to the political movement
National Women's Political Caucus Group formed to lobby for women's issue on Capitol Hill
UFWOC The United Farm Workers Union
Gloria Steinum The founder of Ms. Magazine
Norma McCorvey The plaintiff in the Roe v. Wade case
Love Canal The site of a large chemical dump that was leaking chemicals in to the backyards of local residents
Nixon He signed the Clean Air Act
Communes Large farms that served as a separate community for the members of the counterculture
This river caught on fire in 1969 Cuyahoga
Earth Day April 22nd
This city became a victim of a long lasting smog epedemic London
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