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Spanish American War

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What did American newspapers write when the people of Cuba revolted against Spain? When the people of Cuba revolted against Spain American newspapers wrote about Spain’s cruel treatment of the Cubans during the revolt.
What is yellow journalism? Yellow journalism is a kind of writing that exaggerates news to shock and attract readers.
Why did American newspapers blame Spain for the revolt in Cuba? American newspapers blamed Spain for the explosion of the U S Navy ship Maine but no one knew how the explosion happened.
What happened when President McKinley declared war on Spain? When President McKinley declared war on Spain the U S Navy sank most of Spain’s fleet of ships in the Battle of Manila Bay.
How did Theodore Roosevelt help fight in the Spanish-American War? Theodore Roosevelt helped fight the war against Spain by forming a volunteer fighting group and going to Cuba to fight.
What were the Buffalo Soldiers? The Buffalo Soldiers were a group of African American soldiers who fought with Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish American War.
What battle did both Theodore Roosevelt and the Buffalo Soldiers fight together? Both Teddy Roosevelt and the Buffalo Soldiers fought in the Battle of San Juan Hill.
After the Spanish-American war, what did Spain give to the United States? After the Spanish American War Spain gave Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam to the United States.
Created by: pattefo