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Immigration #02

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

Where is the Statue of Liberty located? The Statue of Liberty is located in New York Harbor in New York City.
What three ideals does the Statue of Liberty symbolize? The three ideals symbolized by the Statues of Liberty are friendship between nations, hope for immigrants, and freedom for all Americans.
Who designed the Statue of Liberty and where was he from? Frederic Auguste designed the Statue of Liberty. He was a sculptor from France.
Who wrote the words that are engraved on the Statue of Liberty? The words engraved on the Statue of Liberty were written by Emma Lazarus.
What are the three symbols on the Statue of Liberty and what does each one mean? The three main symbols on the Statue of Liberty are the torch, the crown, and the tablet. The torch stands for freedom. The crown has seven spikes which stand for the seven seas and the seven continents. The tablet is engraved with the date July 4, 1776, which is when the thirteen colonies declared independence from Britain.
What percentage of people in the United States lived in cities in 1920? In 1920 about 51% of the population of the United States lived in cities (urban areas).
What is the difference in an urban area and a rural area? An urban area is a large cities with factories and a large population. People in urban areas usually live close together. A rural area has farms and countryside and does not have factories. Rural areas do not have many people and the people who live in rural areas usually live far apart.
What is a stockyard? A stockyard is a fenced area where large numbers of animals are kept until they are used as food or moved to another area.
What is a skyscraper? A skyscraper is a tall building.
What made specialization possible in both the North and the South? Specialization was possible in the North and the South because they had different resources. Each used what they had available and then were able to establish trade with other regions for those things which they could not produce in their own region.
How was Chicago able to grow so quickly? Chicago grew quickly because of its location near transportation routes, natural resources, and Lake Michigan. Due to its rapid growth, many people moved to Chicago to work in the factories.
Name three new inventions that were possible because of the use of electricity. Three new inventions that were possible because of the use of electricity were electric elevators, electric lights, and electricity powered rapid transit vehicles.
What is a slum? A slum is a poor, crowded part of a city. Buildings in slums were built quickly and cheaply. Slum buildings are also called tenements.
What is a settlement house? A settlement house is a community center for people in cities.
What was Hull House? Hull House was started by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr in Chicago in 1889. It was a settlement house where people could come to learn English, get medical care, or find jobs. It has clubs for girls and boys and working mothers were able to leave babies in the Hull House nursery so that they could go to work.
What is a rapid transit system? A rapid transit system is a system of trains used to move people around cities. Examples of rapid transit systems are streetcars and subways. Large numbers of people could move quickly throughout the city on these systems.