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Turn of Century #01

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What is a corporation? A corporation is a business in which many people own shares, or parts, of the business.
What is competition? Competition is when more than one business tries to sell the same goods or services.
What is a monopoly? A monopoly is a company that has no competition.
What is a labor union? A labor union is an organization of workers that tries to improve pay and working conditions for its members.
What is a strike? A strike is an organized refusal to work.
What company produced the first typewriters? The first typewriters were produced by E. Remington & Sons.
How did the invention of the typewriter help office workers? The invention of typewriters helped office workers to save time by typing letters and reports.
What did Elijah McCoy invent and why was this invention important? Elijah McCoy invented an oil cup. The oil cup kept trains and other machines running longer by ripping oil over moving parts.
What did Margaret Knight invent and why was it important? Margaret Knight invented a machine that made paper bags with a flat bottom, so they could hold more. Her paper-bag-making machine is still in use.
Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876.
Who was Granville Woods? Granville Woods improved the telephone, telegraph, and transportation systems. His inventions made streetcars like the one below faster and safer.
What did Thomas Edison do? Thomas Edison created over 1,000 inventions. Two of his inventions were the phonograph (record player) and the electric light bulb.
Who was Henry Bessemer? Henry Bessemer invented a process to make steel. The Bessemer process made steel much less expensive to produce.
Who was Andrew Carnegie? Andrew Carnegie was a businessman who built a steel factory that used the Bessemer process. His factory produced steel rails for the railroads. His steel rails lasted much longer than the iron rails that other factories sold. Carnegie also bought fuel companies, railroads, and ships. Carnegie’s steel company produced about one quarter of all the steel made in the United States.
Who was John D. Rockefeller? John D. Rockefeller was a businessman who formed the Standard Oil Company which made products such as fuel and lamp oil. Standard Oil was a corporation.
What is a philanthropist? A philanthropist is a person who gives money to projects that help other people.
What was the Knights of Labor? The Knights of Labor was the first large labor union.