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Native Americans

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What is a reservation? A reservation is land that the government set aside for American Indians.
What promise did Congress make about reservations? Congress promised that reservations would remain Indian land
What does it mean to assimilate? To assimilate a group is to make it fit in or be similar.
What changes did the settlers bring to the Indians’ lands? Settlers built towns, dug mines, and divided the land into farms and ranches.
What is a habitat? A habitat is the area where an animal or plant normally lives or grows.
What is the meaning of extinct? Extinct is when a certain type of plant or animal no longer exists it is extinct.
What three changes did the government want the Indians to make in their way of life? The government wanted the Indians to stop being nomadic bison hunters, to sell their land, to move to and live on reservations, and to become farmers.
How did the Indians feel about living on the reservations? The Indians did not want to live on reservations. They felt the reservations were too small. Some reservations were far from the lands American Indians hunted on and called home.
What is a nomad? A nomad is a person who moves from place to place to find food and water.
What is a bison? A bison is another name for a buffalo.
Why did Plains Indians fight soldiers? Plains Indians fought soldiers who tried to force them onto reservations.
What happened at Sand Creek, Colorado, and what effect did it have? In 1864 volunteer fighters of the Colorado militia attacked a Cheyenne village near Sand Creek, Colorado. The Cheyenne were asleep when the attack began. Chief Black Kettle raised a white flag and an American flag to surrender. The soldiers ignored him and killed almost half of the men, women, and children in the village. After this, many Plains Indians thought peace with the U.S. government was impossible.
What happened at the Little Big Horn River in Montana? A group of soldiers led by George Armstrong Custer attacked a village of Lakota and Cheyenne who fought back and defeated the soldiers.
Who were Crazy Horse, Gall, and Sitting Bull? Crazy Horse, Gall, and Sitting Bull were Indian chiefs who led the attack known as the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
Who was Chief Joseph? Chief Joseph was an Indian chief who tried to lead the Nez Perce tribe to Canada.
What was the Ghost Dance and why did it make the U.S. government afraid? The Ghost Dance was a religion followed by many Plains Indians. This religion taught that the buffalo would return and dead Indians would come back to life. As more and more Plains Indians turned to the Ghost Dance, government officials worried that the Ghost Dancers would start another war.
How was Sitting Bull killed? Sitting Bull was killed when government officials sent police to arrest him. He was killed during the struggle.
What effect did Sitting Bull’s death have on the Ghost Dancers? The Ghost Dancers were frightened by Sitting Bull’s death. They were afraid that they would be killed as well.
What event took place near Wounded Knee Creek in 1890? United States soldiers chasing fleeing Ghost Dancers attacked and killed followers of Chief Big Foot. The soldiers killed women and children as well as men. This event became known as the Massacre at Wounded Knee.
How did the U.S. Government try to force American Indians to change? The government made religious practices such as the Ghost Dance illegal. They also sent children to schools where they were not allowed to speak Native American languages or wear traditional clothing. They forced American Indians to move from their homes onto reservations.
What did the federal government do with lands that were promised to Plains Indians? The federal government gave settlers the lands promised to Plains Indians.
What was the Dawes Act? Congress passed the Dawes Act to make American Indians become farmers. This law took reservation land away from Indian nations and split it into smaller pieces. Some of this land was given to individual American Indians to farm. The rest was sold to settlers.
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