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Cattle Drives

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What did southwestern farms learn from vaqueros? Vaqueros taught Southwestern farmers how to herd cattle on horseback.
Describe longhorn cattle, where they were from, and what made them a good choice for ranchers. Longhorn cattle were tough, strong animals that were first brought to North America by Spanish settlers. The cattle could live far from water and shelter, eating nothing but grass.
What is a market? A market is a situation in which people buy and sell goods. In a market, producers find buyers for their goods, and consumers find goods to buy.
What is demand? Demand is the amount of something that people want to buy at certain prices. When the price of something is low, people usually buy more of it.
What is supply? Supply is the amount of something that people want to sell at certain prices. When the price o something is high, people want to produce and sell more of it.
Why did cattle sell for a much higher price in the North and East than in Texas? Demand was high and supply was low in the North and East. In Texas, supply was high and people were not willing to pay as much.
What were conditions like for cowhands on cattle drives? Cowhands spent long days on horseback, slept on the ground, and guarded the herd against animals and thieves.
What is barbed wire? Barbed wire is twisted wire with a sharp barb, or point, every few inches.
What effect did barbed wire have on the cattle drives? Barbed wire fences blocked cattle trails.
How many years did the cattle drives last? The cattle drives lasted for only about 20 years, from the late 1860s to the late 1880s.
Why did the cattle drives end? Barbed wire blocked cattle trails. The growth of the railroads meant that ranchers no longer had to drive their cattle hundreds of miles to reach a railhead. By the mid-1890s too many cattle grazed on crowded ranges and there was not enough grass to feed all the cattle. Sheep ranchers wanted land for their flocks. During the terrible winter of 1886 – 1887 freezing cold temperatures killed thousands of cattle.
Created by: pattefo
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