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Westward Exp. #01

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What is a transcontinental railroad? A transcontinental railroad is a railroad that crosses a continent.
What was a homestead? A homestead is a settler’s home and land.
What was a railhead? A railhead was a town located at the beginning or end or the railroad where ranchers brought cattle they wanted to sell.
What is a telegraph? A telegraph is a machine that sends electric signals over wire telegraph lines.
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse invented the telegraph.
What type of code is used to send a telegraph? The code sent over telegraph lines is called the Morse Code. It is a series of dots and dashes.
Why was the telegraph such an important invention? The telegraph was the quickest way to send a message over long distances. People could tell each other about important events soon after they took place. Reporters used the telegraph to send stories to their newspapers. Other people used it to send messages to family and friends. Bankers used it to get business information. During the Civil War, generals sent battle plans by telegraph.
What is prejudice? Prejudice is an unfair, negative opinion that can lead to unjust treatment.
What was the Pacific Railway Act? The Pacific Railway Act said the government could loan money to the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railroad companies to build a railroad from east to west, starting in Nebraska. The Central Pacific was to build a railroad from west to east, starting in California. Rails built by the two companies would meet to create a transcontinental railroad.
What group of railroad workers (what country were they from) faced prejudice? Chinese workers faced prejudice when they were working on the railroad.
What types of prejudice were faced by immigrants who worked on the railroads? Examples of prejudice faced by immigrant workers on the railroads were that they were given dangerous jobs and they were paid less than other workers.
What happened at Promontory, Utah? The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railroads joined their railway tracks. Railroad officials tapped spikes of gold and silver into the last piece of track.
Why were transcontinental railroads so important? Transcontinental railroads were important because they helped settlers in the West earn money by shipping their goods to markets. Trains carried cattle and wheat and other western crops to eastern cities. Western farmers and ranchers could sell their products for more money in the East, where there were more people and fewer farms. In the East, businesses and factories used the railroads to ship clothing, tools, and other goods to western towns and mining camps.
What types of goods were shipped on transcontinental railroads? Types of goods shipped on the transcontinental railroad included cattle, wheat, crops, clothing and tools.