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which of the following can be made with interchangeable parts? toaster
the Erie canal opened trade between what two places? Great Lakes to New York City
what physical obstacle when building roads from East to West had to be overcome? going over the Appalachian mountains
the growth of cities from moving to rural to urban areas was what? urbanization
young women and children were hired in factories because? they got paid less money than men
which of the following is an example of discrimination? denying students to access a public school because of their race
which does not help American industry dumping
where did the Industrial Revolution start England
during the I and w how were cities? buildup around factories and extremely dirty
I and W started because of what industry? textile
which statement about the Erie Canal is not true? it made a quicker route straight to Arizona
Robert Polton invented what steamboats
who would complain that competition with the railroads would cause them to lose money? canal investors
which of the following did Eli Whitney invent besides the cotton gin? interchangeable parts
the clipper ships could ??? that made them a big deal travel faster
the workers at Lowell, Massachusetts were mainly what? they were all women
the purpose f the slave codes was to? control every aspect of the slaves life
members of the nativists called themselves "I know nothing" because ? they replied "I know nothing" when asked about their group
what were roads that had logs side by side in marshy areas coadrey roads
a device that was using electrical signals across wires? telograph
who designed the first American factory, they stole idea from England? Samuel Slate
picked tin seeds using spikes cotton gin
a deep channel with water filled in it canal
by the 1850s which of the following linked many towns that opened by the economy for many northerners railroads
the urban growth formed what problems? disease and sewage issues
England sold American goods for higher than their product? dumping
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