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GOV. CHP 20-23

the trial and execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti demonstrated that: the red scare extended into the 1920s
agriculture in the 1920s experienced declining incomes and increased bank foreclosures
labor unions lost members in the 1920s for all of the following reasons except through collective bargaining, labor unions had secured a national eight hour day
the equal rights amendment proposed to eliminate all legal distinctions based on sex
which would not be considered a characteristic of a flapper advocated temperance
president hardings call for a return to normalcy meant a call for the regular order of things without progressive reform
the hays code prohibited movies from depicting nudity, long kisses, and adultery.
all of the statements about prohibitions during the 1920s are true except religious fundamentalists opposed prohibitions on the grounds that it violated freedom
the scopes trial of 1925 pitted creationists against evolutionists
all o the following statements about the 1924 immigration act are true except sought to ensure that more immigrants came from Southern Europe than from northern europe
cultural pluralism was another way of describing the process of americanization
the Harlem renaissance included writers and poets such as Langston huge and Claude mckay
the great depression was caused by all of the following factors except increased government regulation of baking and the stock market
the great depression shaped the lives of Americans in all of the following ways except the American suicide rate declined
president hoover responde4d to the onset of the depression by reassuring Americans that "the tide had turned"
code talkers Navajos
Dumbarton oaks united nations
Good Neighbor Policy Latin america
freedom house
office war information mobilized American public opinion
black internationalism opposed colonialism
GI bill education for veterans
yalta conference big three meeting
bracero program Mexican agricultural workers
zoo suit riots Mexican American youths
smith v . Allwright civil rights case
why did American policymakers agree to spend billions of dollars on the economic recovery of Europe under the Marshall plan? western and European nations might fall into the soviet sphere of influence
how did the new deal apply to women? Elenor Rosevelt played a big part during this time, before her involvement post Great Depression relief only applied to men. she included economic relief for women such as work opportunities, unemployment compensation, and the ability to form unions,
causes of great depresson stock market crash, unequal distribution of income, farming not making money, consumer spending dropped.
how did the political climate change in the south during world war 2 in the early Cold War years the number of African American in the region that were registed to vote increased sevenfold
downfall of Jospeh mccarthy in 1954 the army
how did white supremacists take advantage of anti-communist rhetoric charged African American civil rights leaders with communist agenda
according to the policy of containment as laid out by George kennan United States. was committed to prevent the spread of communism
the Truman doctorine committed the U.S. to fighting communism anywhere
how did the united states respond to the blockade around Berlin truman orders supplies to be brought via an airlift
enactment of the policy containment exceptionalism the Warsaw pact
the Korean war ended in stalemate
the principle of human rights was introduced in the revolutionary period of the late eighteenth centuryt
true about the fair deal except congress passed tremens fair dal to raise the standard of living for americans
which civil rights measure was enacted during trumans administration? desegregation of the armed forces
true about the cold war impact on American life except Cold War military spending weakened the economy
operation wetback deported illegal aliens found in Mexican American neighborhood
the impact of the Cold War on the civil rights movement included government action against black leaders
FDRs four freedoms Freedom from want, freedom of speech, freedom from fear, freedom of religon
the good neighbor policy was a foreign policy based on the recognition of the autonomy of Latin American countries
France and britians policy toward Germany of giving concessions in hopes of avoiding war was called appeasement
a racism rose in Europe and Asia during the 1930s, most Americans supported U.S. neutrally
Cash and carry plan allowed great Britain to purchase u.s. arms on a restricted basis
the lend lease act authorized military aid to those fighting against Germany and Japan
december 7th 1941 a "date that will live in infamy" the Japanese attack on pearl harbor
D-day invasion of Europe and normandy
bank holiday Roosevelt's first action
national recovery administration blue eagle
Wagner act recognized labor unions
social security minimun retirement program
house un American activities committe investigated disloyalty
scottsboro case international labor defense
popular front communists
civilian conservation corps relief for young men
Tennessee Vally authority hydroelectric project
dust bowl bought struck area around Oklahoma and texas
libarlism large and active government
the united states during world war ll unemployment declined, production soared, and income taxes increased
during the war Americans scare consumer goods such as gasoline
zoo suit riots or 1943 highlighted the limits of racial tolerance during world war ll
The 1943 texas Caucasian Race equal privileges resolution granted equal rights to all texans, regardless of race
false about Japanese internment one their loyalty was proven they were free
double v campaign effort to end discrimination against blacks while fighting fascism
new negro rejection of established stereotypes
bonus march unemployed world war 1 veterans
reconstruction finance corporation government loan agency
slumming whites seeking exotic adventure
American civil liberties union protected civil liberties
hays code adopted by film industry
fordlandia global spread of American corporations for blacks
scopes trial fundamentalism
Ku Klux Klan discriminated against catholics and jews
national origins act set quotas for immigration
pujo investigations Wall Street corruption revealed
boarder patrol illegal alien
Created by: ohhraquel
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