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US Civil War #04

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What is a turning point? A turning point is a moment when you know that something is changing forever
What was Reconstruction? Reconstruction was the period when the South rejoined the Union.
People in the North disagreed on how to bring the South back into the Union. What were the two ways in which they disagreed? Some people in the North wanted to use the Reconstruction to punish the South, others wanted to make it easy for southern states to rejoin.
How did President Lincoln feel about the South after the war? President Lincoln did not want to punish the South.
What happened to President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865? On April 14, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln was shot.
Who was John Wilkes Booth? John Wilkes Booth was an actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.
What is an assassination? An assassination is the murder of an important leader.
How did the Civil War effect the South? The Civil War was a disaster for the South. Its farms, cities, and factories were ruined. People had to rebuild their homes and businesses. The war brought freedom to enslaved people, but most had no homes or jobs. Southerners needed to find new ways to make their economy work.
How did the Civil War effect the North? The North grew stronger as a result of the war. There had been little fighting there to damage cities or farms. Northern industries and railroads grew quickly during and after the war.
Who became President after Lincoln was assassinated? After Lincoln was assassinated Vice President Andrew Johnson of Tennessee became President.
What did the federal government force Southern states to do in their constitutions? The federal government forced Southern states to abolish slavery in their constitutions.
What were the Black Codes? The Black Codes were harsh laws passed in the Southern States limiting the rights of former slaves to travel, vote, and work in certain jobs.
What was one thing President Andrew Johnson did to upset Radical Republicans? President Johnson allowed southern states to elect former Confederate leaders to Congress and this upset Radical Republicans.
Define freedmen. A freedman is a person who has been freed from slavery.
What did the Freedman’s Bureau do? The Freedman’s Bureau provided food, clothing, medical care, and legal advice to poor blacks and whites. It set up hospitals and schools and found jobs for many.
Name at least two things Congress did in 1867 when it put a Reconstruction plan in place. In 1867 Congress began a Reconstruction plan by putting the South under military rule, marching a national army into the south, and forcing southern states to obey Congress. This meant all states had to allow all men, including blacks, to vote.
What does impeach mean? To impeach means to charge a government official with a crime.
What was a scalawag? A scalawag was a Southerner helped the government during Reconstruction.
What is a carpetbagger? A carpetbagger was a Northerner who traveled south during reconstruction. Some came to help rebuild but others came just to make money.
How many new amendments did Congress create during Reconstruction? Congress created three new Amendments during Reconstruction.
What was the Thirteenth Amendment? The Thirteenth Amendment declared that slavery would not be allowed to exist in the United States. It ended the long argument in the United States over whether slavery should be legal.
What was the Fourteenth Amendment? The Fourteenth Amendment declared that the states could not limit the rights of citizens. States could not take away life, liberty, or property without due process of the law, or deny equal protection of the law.
What did Southerners think about the Fourteenth Amendment and why did they feel this way? Almost every southern state refused to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment because they did not want the national government to interfere with their state laws. Congress declared that southern states had to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment to rejoin the Union. The states then agreed to the demands of Congress.
What was the Fifteenth Amendment? The Fifteenth Amendment gave all men the right to vote, no matter what their skin color was or if they had been enslaved. Women were still not allowed to vote until 1920.
What does the Fourteenth Amendment require of both federal and state governments? The Fourteenth Amendment requires both the federal and the state governments to treat all citizens equally and fairly.
What was President Lincoln’s greatest concern? President Lincoln’s greatest concern was preserving the Union.
Created by: pattefo
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