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US Civil War #02

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What is a camp? A camp is a group of temporary shelters such as tents.
What is a civilian? A civilian is a person not serving in the military.
Name at least two things soldiers did when they got bored of camp life. When soldiers in the Civil War got tired of camp life they did some of the following: • Read • Sing songs • Write letters • Put on a show • Print newspapers
Who was Clara Barton? Clara Barton was a Union Army nurse who later founded the American Red Cross.
Name at least two things women in the North and South did to help their side during the Civil War. Women in the North and South helped fight the Civil War by • Dressing as men and joining the army • Acting as spies for their side • Caring for the sick and wounded
Who was Matthew Brady? Matthew Brady was a photographer who took pictures of soldiers, camps and battlefields during the Civil War.
What happened to prices in the South during the Civil War? During the Civil War prices in the South got higher and food and other goods became more scarce and more expensive.
Immigrants and other groups joined the Civil War to fight. Name at least two other groups of people who fought in the war. Other groups that helped fight the Civil War were • German immigrants • Irish immigrants • Italian immigrants • American Indians
Why is June 19 a day of celebration in Texas and some other parts of the South? June 19 is when news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Texas and some other parts of the south and it is still celebrated today in many areas as a day of freedom.
What was the main economic source in the South? Farming, particularly cotton
What was the nickname given to cotton? "King" cotton
What was the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” about? Uncle Tom’s Cabin was about the cruelty of slavery. It was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It also talked about slavery being wrong and that it was the nation’s problem not just the South’s problem.
Why was slavery important to the people in the south? Slavery was important in the south because their number one crop was cotton and they needed slaves to pick and process the cotton for it to be sold.
Why did John Brown attack the army post? (John Brown’s Raid) He was an abolitionist and was trying to fight slavery on his own so he tried to lead a rebellion against slavery so he decided to attack the US Army post in Harper’s Ferry.
What was the act that caused the official start of the Civil War? Confederate soldiers fired shots on Fort Sumter.
Where is Fort Sumter? Charleston, South Carolina
Where were the most of the Civil War battles fought? Most of the battles were fought in the South.
What was important about the battle of Antietam? It was the deadliest day of the war; two armies suffered at least 23,000 causalities.
How were most soldiers in the Civil War killed? Most soldiers died from disease.
What was the Fugitive Slave Law? The fugitive slave law said that slaves that had escaped to the north had to be returned to slavery, and citizens were ordered to help catch fugitives.
What were the views of both North and South about slavery? The view of the North on Slavery was that it was wrong and it should be outlawed. The South didn’t want slavery outlawed it was their main source of income.