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US Civil War #01

GA 5th Grade Common Core Social Studies Standards

What was a border state as it relates to the Civil War? A border state is a slave state that stayed in the Union.
What were the four border states at the start of the Civil War? The four border states at the start of the Civil War were Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware.
What was the draft? The draft was forced enrollment in the armed forces.
Why were people in the North against the draft? People in the North were against the draft because rich Northerners could pay to get out of the draft and poor Northerners could not.
What was the importance of the Battle of Antietam? At the Battle of Antietam the Union Army stopped General Lee (the South) from invading Maryland.
Why was Vicksburg the last major Confederate town left to be captured by the Union army? Vicksburg sat on cliffs above the river where Confederate troops could shoot at Union ships. This made it hard for the Union army to capture.
Why was the capture of Vicksburg so important to General Grant? Grant wanted to capture Vicksburg because it meant he could control the Mississippi River.
What does “Emancipation” mean? Emancipation means freeing enslaved people.
What does “casualty” mean as it relates to war? A person who is killed, wounded, captured, or missing as a result of war is referred to as a casualty.
What strategies did the Union plan to use to win the Civil War? To win the Civil War the Union planned to • Block seaports • Control the Mississippi River • Attack in the East and the West
What problems did Jefferson Davis face as President of the Confederacy? As President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis faced the problems of • Not having enough food for the troops • Not having enough weapons for the troops • Not having enough money to fight the war • The Confederate states ignoring his orders when they disagreed with them