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Africa Unit Test

African Unit Test

How does water pollution and unequal distribution of water impact life in Africa? It affects woman and children who have to walk long distances to get water - no education for them- and disease is also present in polluted water resulting in sickness and death for the population
How are poor soil and deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa related? When overuse of farmland and grazing occurs, soil is poor. Cutting down trees results in the soil eroding further and useless land.
How does desertification impact the environment of Africa? Poor soil and clear-cutting due to overuse makes land unusable for farming; timber becomes sparse because too much is cut down in an area. Less oxygen is available and fewer medications available
Describe the Sahara region. Hot and dry region in North Africa where nomads live
Describe the Sahel region. The Sahel is a grassland area that is slowly turning to desert - located South of Sahara (most vulnerable to desertification)
Describe the Savanna region. A grassland area located in the middle of Africa around the Congo tropical rain forest (looks like a #7)
Describe the tropical rain forest region. Located in the center of Africa, hot, wet area with diverse plant and animal life
Name two differences between an ethnic group and religious group. A religious group has a common belief in a god or gods, have the same literature, prayers, and rituals and an ethnic group shares a common history, language, origin and might share religion (religion does not depend on ancestry)
What religion is practiced by the Arabs? Mostly Islam but some Christianity and some other religions.
What religion is practiced by the Ashanti? Mostly Christianity and animism/other traditional African religions.
What religion is practiced by the Bantu? Combination of Islam, Christianity, animism
What religion is practiced by the Swahili? Islam and some traditional African religions
How did the Bantu migration impact Africa? It was the largest migration in history and led to the Bantu culture changing dramatically as it encountered other cultures (blending of cultures occurred as groups intermarried)
How does a unitary system distribute power? One central authority has the power or authority over local authorities
How does a confederation system distribute power? The local authorities have all the power and give up some of their power to a central authority for a common purpose such as trade or defense; example: UN, EU, NATO
How does a federal system distribute power? Power is shared between the central authority and local authorities.
How does an autocratic system determine citizen participation? One ruler has the power and his power is absolute, citizens do not have power.
How does an oligarchy determine citizen participation? A few people or group of people hold power and therefore citizens have few rights (olive garden = bring some family)
How does a democracy determine citizen participation? Citizens have the most power in a democracy, they vote directly for leaders
What is the difference between a Presidential Democracy and a Parliamentary Democracy? How the executive branch is chosen - parliament chooses in a parliamentary democracy and the people choose their president in a presidential democracy
How are the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of South Africa similar? Both are forms of democracy, the executive holds the most power in the government, and both are unitary
How did political, economic, and social conflicts result in the independence of South Sudan? The North = Arabs ,the South = 200 other ethnic groups & mostly Christians. Europeans grouped them together despite their differences. The South = oil reserves and the North =factories, ports, and pipelines. Then North wants Sharia law enforced for all
What factors impact the standard of living in Africa? gender, literacy rates, civil war, political stability of country
What are three factors that affect access to education in Kenya and Sudan? Gender, poverty, and HIV/AIDS
How does government instability impact the distribution of resources to combat AIDS? The less stable a government, the less resources they have to fight disease and/or provide education and medication for its citizens.
How does government instability impact the problem of famine in Africa? The less stable a government, the less likely a government is to provide its people with food during famine. The government often is corrupt and keeps resources from outside agencies donated to their people.
What was the Scramble for Africa? European nations' rush to take over African lands with the best resources (colonization of Africa in 19th and 20th centuries)
How did European partitioning across Africa contribute to conflict? Europeans drew artificial boundaries for countries based on where resources could be found, often putting ethnic groups and religious groups together that did not get along or splitting those that were similar which caused conflict between groups
How did nationalism lead to independence in S Africa? The European powers controlled S Africa, but feelings of nationalism started by the pan Africa movement lead to more and more people in S Africa wanting their Independence.
How did nationalism lead to independence in Kenya? Nationalism lead to the Kenyans feeling that their land was taken unfairly. The Mau Mau was a secret organization that believed the only way to win Kenyan rights and independence was through the use of force
How did nationalism lead to independence in Nigeria? By the 1940's, Nigerians started many organizations to fight British rule. Many Nigerians admired the British because of their education in England. However, most believed that the only way for Nigerians to have rights was to be free of European rule.
What was the Berlin Conference? A 19th century meet European nations where they divided up Africa's land in order to avoid going to war over which country would get what territory (imperialism); no African's represented there
What is apartheid? An organized system where races are segregated by law
Who was Nelson Mandela? First black democratically elected president of South Africa (chosen by blacks and whites) once apartheid had ended--1994
Who was the ANC and why were they important to S Africa? The African National Congress was a group that wanted equal rights for blacks of S Africa; they protested apartheid and were led by Nelson Mandela
How did F.W. de Klerk impact the end of apartheid? He and Nelson Mandela worked together to end apartheid, de Klerk from inside the white government and Mandela from the outside. They jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts.
What was Pan-African Movement and what was its impact on Africa? The Pan African Movement was a movement to unite all Africans and have them identify themselves as Africans over their countries of origin. This created a unified identify for Africans.
What 2 ethnic groups mostly practice Islam? Swahili and Arab
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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