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French Lab

Section 19

to benefit bénéficier
to tinker with; to do odd jobs; to repair bricoler
to save money faire des économies
to fill up (wit gas) faire le plein
to change the oil faire la vidange
to deal with; to attend to s'occuper de
to take advantage of profiter de
to get informed se renseigner
to roll; to go rouler
to point; to indicate; to signal signaler
stopover une escale
means; resources les moyens
discount un rabais
hiking; backpacking une randonnée
the highweay l'autorute
the breaks les freins
hotel and restaurant guide le Guide Michelin
a tire un pneu
downpayment un acompte
housing; accomodation l'hébergement
the stay; sojourn le séjous
rate; fee un tarif
including compris
all inclusive forfaitaire
a flat tire un pneu crevé
a spare tire une roue de secours
to collide heurter
to drive conduire
to park se garer
the car l'automobile; la voiture
to pay a fine payer une contravention
the highway l'autorute
the road la route
the truck le camion
taxi le taxi
to run; work; function fonctionner
the car runs la voiture marche
out of order (breakdown) en panne
out of order, out of commission hors service
short circuit (electrical) court-circuit
to fix réparer
the gas station la station service
the pomp la pomp
the oil l'huile
the lane la voie
to stop arrêter
the intersection le carrefour
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