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6th Grade SS

Location, Climate, and Natural Resources of Europe

A reason for the decline in manufacturing in the United Kingdom is trade competition
What accounts for most of the jobs in the United Kingdom? service industry
What makes the United Kingdom ideal for international banking? location
What condition helped the United Kingdom become a leader in world trade? The UK is an island with a mild climate located near many other countries.
Why is it surprising that the U.K. has such a mild climate? It is very far north.
What causes the U.K. to have an unusually mild climate? the Gulf Stream
What is an effect of a declining industry? Many people lose their jobs.
What area of Russia is a major center for trade? St. Petersburg
Which condition keeps Russia's natural resources from being used? harsh climate
What BEST describes the way the Volga River helps manufacturing? It is used for hydroelectric power and transportation of goods.
With its long northern coastline, what make shipping in Russia so difficult? The northern ports are blocked by ice much of the year.
What natural resources are found in both Russia and the United Kingdom? coal
What statement BEST describes the natural resources of the United Kingdom and Russia? The U.K.'s fossil fuel resources are being used up, but much of Russia's are unused due to Russia's climate and geography.
How do the ports of the United Kingdom and Russia differ? The ports of the United Kingdom are open year round, and Russia's are not.
In what way are London and St. Petersburg alike? both are centers for trade
What describes the climate of most of Germany? cool winters and mild summers with good precipitation for crops
What is a natural resource of Germany? coal
What has about the same area as Germany? Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina combined
What geographic feature makes it more difficult for Italian merchants to trade with countries north of Italy? Alps Mountains
What has helped Italian merchants become successful traders? the location of the Mediterranean Sea with access to Africa, Asia, and Europe
Which condition is NOT a characteristic of Italy's Mediterranean climate? long, cold winters
Which industry is MOST helped by Italy's arable land and good amounts of rainfall? wine making
Which trading partner is shared by Italy and Germany? United States
A similarity between Italy and Germany is that, in both countries, people tend to live in urban areas
A difference between Italy and Germany is that Germany is more densely populated than Italy.
In what industries do Italy and Germany compete with each other for trade with other countries? chemicals, machinery, food
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