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America At War

Define Anti-Semitism. The discrimination or violent hostility directed at the Jews.
True or False: Hitler was an anti-semit? True
What was the basis for the creation of the Atlantic Charter? The United Nations
Who wrote a letter to Roosevelt saying that there was a new type of weapon that could be used (atomic bomb)? Albert Einstein
This battle was fought because the Allies needed to secure the trade routes and to get goods safely across the Atlantic Ocean? Battle of the Atlantic
This battle was fought to break Germany’s last strong offensive position on the western front. It was also the most costly and bloodiest of all European battles? Battle of the Bulge
This battle was fought because it was the last obstacle before attacking the Japanese homeland? Battle of Okinawa
This battle was fought because the Allies needed to retake Europe from the west and to retake Paris? Battle of Normandy
What was the code name for D-Day? Operation Overlord
This battle was fought because the Allies needed to stop German expansion eastward for more “living space”? Battle of Stalingrad
The Japanese will take American and Filipinos as prisoners of war and march them 60 miles. 25, 000 will die? Baatan Death March
This battle was fought to destroy Japanese airfields. It was the first US offensive of the war in the pacific? Battle of Guadalcanal
Places where political prisoners are confined, usually under harsh conditions by the German SS? Concentration Camps
To achieve the genocide of the Jewish population, the Nazis created these for the mass murder of the Jewish people? Death Camps
The General in charge the D-Day invasion or Battle of Normandy? Dwight D. Eisenhower
Americans bought these to help finanace the war? War Bonds
The deliberate destruction of an entire ethnic or cultural group, against the Jewish population? Genocide
Sealed off areas within a city where Jewish people were forced to live. Ghettos
He helped the war effort by mass building ships? Henry Kaiser
He helped the war effort by making planes? Henry Ford
This is known as the systematic murder of European Jews. Holocasut
He committed suicide on April 30. 1945 to avoid being captured? Adolf Hitler
The General incharge of the American forces in the Pacific? Douglas MacArthur
Items like sugar and coffee were ___ during the war? Rationed
Fictonal icon created by the government to help attract female workers to jobs within the factories? Rosie the Riveter
This required all males, 21-36, to registe for military service? Selective Service and Training Act
During the war there were often ____ in items like nylon, rubber and gasoline? Shortages
During the war, Americans often supplied themselves with fresh vegetables by growing these? Victory Gardens
Many women set aside the role of housewife and mother to work in what? Factories
Jews were instructed to wear these when out in public, so they could be easily identified? Yellow Star of David
Japanese American along the west coast were rounded up and placed in these? Internment Camps
Name the two cities that were hit by the atomic bomb? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The code name for the creation of the atomic bomb? Manhattan Project
Autobiography written by Hitler detailing the destruction of the Jewish people? Mein Kampf
These soldiers will be the first to reach Hitler's bunker in Berlin? Soviets
The official surrender of the Japanese will be received aboard this ship? USS Missouri
He will become President of the United States when Roosevelt dies of a stroke? Harry Truman
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