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Medeival Quiz

OCMS History

Medieval Castles : Moats Ditch filled with water for an additional barrier
Medieval Castles : Crenel Alternating high and low spots to give cover to guards along the wall top
Medieval Castles : Arrow Slits Narrow opening to fire arrows, gave nearly complete protection
Medieval Castles : Bailey Enclosed courtyard
Medieval Castles : Murder Holes On the ceiling, there were holes where boiling oil or heavy rocks
Medieval Castles : Portcullis Heavy gate of closed bars to lower in front of the opening
Medieval Castles : Motte and Keep Home of the noble and his family and the site of his court. If the outer walls were breached, defenders could fall back into this mini-fortress
Who were knights sons of? Noblemen/Knights
When you pledged allegiance to a baron, how many days of service did you owe him? 40
What did a page do? doing chores, learning manners, customs, and being educated
At what age did you become an esquire? And what was your job? 14 and you served one knight and learned combat from him
Knight's Code of Chivalry to be honest, honorable, helpful, and brave
What did the knights do to practice for warfare? If they did, how did they practice? Yes, they jousted for practice
What kept the knights in shape? Hunting and Hawking
Reeve supervised the work on lord's property and checked that everyone began and stopped work on time and insured that nothing was stolen
Steward took care of the estate and domestic administration and supervised the household and events in the great hall
Chamberlain responsible for the great chamber and personal finances
Cook roasted, broiled, and baked food in the fireplaces and ovens
Personal Servant (Lady in Waiting) waited on nobles
Scullions responsible for washing and cleaning in the kitchen
Ale Connor tested if the brew was good
Smith forged and sharpened tools and weapons
Tanner created leather armor, cups, belts, bags, boots
Mason worked on walls, buildings, and sculptures
Chandler candles were the main light source. A large castle might use 1,000 per night
Weaver/Tailor makers of cloth and clothing
Cheese Maker main source of diary was cheese
THE WORST JOB IN WORLD HISTORY: GONG FARMER responsible for cleaning out castles' sewage pits with a shovel and a bucket
Why was King Henry excommunicated from the church? he was boasting about his power and his control
Who excommunicated King Henry form the church? Pope Gregory VII
What did Henry have to do to be forgiven by the Pope? Henry had to walk to Rome barefoot and wait 3 days in the snow
What did the Church offer peasants? shelter, food, and safety
What did the church have control over? art, music, festivals, and holidays
What did the church teach about? sacraments, heaven, hell, purgatory
What was the church a source of? Leadership, inspiration, safety, and shelter
What was the Black Death? The Black Death is a combination of Bubonic Plague, Pneumonia, and a systemic plague
Where did the Black Death come from? China or Russia
How did it spread? The disease originally infected squirrels and the fleas from the infected squirrels bit humans, horses, and rats. Then, the people or the rats carrying the plague spread it when they were trading like on a ship
What are some symptoms? the victim begins vomiting and develops a fever, then he gets buboes under his armpit, then he dies
How much of the populaation died becuase of this plague?
Created by: catherine_17
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