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What is Fundamentalism? The literal understanding of the bible.
What was the bill, that led to the Scopes trial, about? Any teaching that didn't follow the bible wasn't allowed in schools
What did the prohibition do? Prohibited the sale of alcohol
What did the Ku Klux Klan support? The idea of fundamentalism
Who were proud of being black and resisted mistreatment and white idea? New Negro
What did the city of Harlem become? A city within a city, the Harlem Renaissance
Get prices down for everyone to be able to buy, pay employees more than others do, Who was the man that achieved these things? Henry Ford
The teapot dome scandal was about....? Albert Fall leasing government land to private oil companies and that Doheny had lent Fall $100,000 in cash.
Who was Coolidge and how did he defuse the scandals of his predecessor's? Vice President, he replaced Harding's attorney General.
The United States renounced its right to intervene in _____________ affairs. Cuban
What did the Comstock Act do? banned the distribution of contraception through the mail
Which country was expected to pay for the war? Germany
What was said to have reached a "permanently high plateau" ? The Stock Market
What were some effects of the depression? most were unemployed but everyone took it differently, some were happy and made due others were scornful,
WHo won the election in 1932, after the depression? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who did President Hoover incorrectly charge that the Bonus Army were? Criminals and Radicals.
How many foreign born residents did the U.S. quota system allow in each year? 3%
In the 1920 census it revealed that for the first time the majority of the population was living where? Urban areas
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