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Japan Q+A

Japan Q+A Tatiana Padilla

1.Why did China have a great influance? The Civlization of china had great influence on other cultures in Asia.
2.Why is it near the cost of Asia? Japan is an Archipelago or chain of island near the cost of Asia.
3. Japan consists of four larg islands and thousand of smaller ones.
4.Why are they the highist peaje. Mount Fuji or Fujiyama is the highest peake.
5. Most people settled on one of Japans few flat plains or along the coastline.
6. The Japanese islands sit at the boundary between two plates or sections of Earth's outer shells.
7. Millions of years ago, volcanose erupted along this plate boundry.
8. When ever one of the plates move an earthquick Shakes Japan.
9. Japan is part of the Ring of Fire, aregion of volcanose and earthquicks that circle the pasific ocean.
10. Korea is separated from Japan by more than 200 miles of ocean.
11. The first settlers in Japan came from the mainland of Asia.
12. The first wave of settlers most likely came during the ice age.
13. Their cultuer included skill in working iron and bronze,
14. Around A.D. 500, the Japanes began too brrow the chines writting system.
15. Early Japanes writting used Chines Characters in two ways.
16. Most Japanes at the time followed the ancient beliefs of Shinto.
17. Over time, Buddhism would become an important part of Chines Culture.
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