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empero middle ages v

vocab social studies Cristian Juarez

resident someone who lives or stays in a place such as in a country
collapse to become too weak to continue
institute to introduce or start a system or rule
convert to change from one from one form to another such as from one religion to another
involve to include something
role position that someone has in a society
landmass is one very large unbroken area of land
topography or arrangement of physical features
middle ages period between the collapse of the roman empire about A.D 500
medieval which means related to the middle ages
Charlemagne or Charles the great
diffusion or spread
religion order is a community of men or women devoted to prayer
benedict of nursia a lasting effect on monastic
abbot or head of the monastery
St. Patrick Saint Patrick was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland.
sacraments sacred rites of the church
fief or grant of land
serf were peasants who were legally tied to lord land and could not leave it
chivalry christian warrior's code of behavior
manor was the self sufficient estate of a medieval lord.
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