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U.S. History 10.2

Section 2 of Chapter 10 on World War I

The German Americans were pressured to prove their loyalty to America by____________, ___________ & _____________ Ashley, group 2 Give up speaking German, reading German newspapers & participating in any patriotic drive
Before the war, several American feminists as well as pacifist women from "other countries" collectively formed the _______ ________ ____________ for Peace and Freedom. Ciana Wyckoff (2) Women's International League
It was the job of the ___________ agency to educate Americans on the reasons for going to war in Europe. CPI (committee on public information)
The WIB eventually became the Council of National Defense. Headed by _____________ ________________ an influential Wall Street investment broker who reported directly to the President.... DeMyra Farley Group 1 Bernard Baruch
Popular movies as well as Committee on Public Information posters & speeches portrayed Germany as a__________ _________. Ashley, group 2 cruel enemy
The ___________ _____________ _____________ authorized a draft of young men for military service in Europe. ~ Cameron Reynolds group 1 Selective Service Act
The CPI had to convince Americans that the war was a _______ _____________. ~ Cameron Reynolds group 1 just cause
The _________ _____________ is the movement of African Americans from the rural South to the industrial North, the "Land of Hope" -Chris P Group 3 Great Mirgation
Thousands of African Americans enlisted and sailed for the battlefields of what country? -Chris P Group 3 France
Between ______ and ______ more than 1.2 million African Americans had moved to the North - Chris P Group 3 1910 ; 1920
Hispanic neighborhoods are also known as ____________?- Chris P Group 3 Barrios
A large population of Mexicans stayed in what state?- Chris P Group 3 California
African Americans moved to Chicago and found work in the __________________ industry - Chris P Group 3 Meatpacking
African American moved to Detroit and found work in the ______ ______________ - Chris P Group 3 Auto factories
This man, __________________ encouraged Americans to volunteer for war service. President Wilson
What was the impact of World War I on the American economy? Mr. Kohler regulation increased
What was the effect of the Sedition Act? Mr. Kohler It limited freedom of speech
How did World War I change the lives of American women? Mr. Kohler It broadened job opportunities for women.
How did World War I contribute to the Great Migration? Mr. Kohler by creating jobs in the North
Who was director of the Committee on Public Information? Mr. Kohler George Creel
People who refused military service for moral reasons were called? Mr. Kohler Conscientious Objectors
Created by: ckohler0529