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Chapter 12 Vocab

favorite son a candidate for national office who has support mostly from his or her home state
plurality the largest number of something, but less than a majority
facilitate to help make happen
mudslinging a method in election campaigns that uses gossip and lies to make the opponent look bad
participate to take part in
bureaucracy a system of government in which specialized tasks are carried out by appointed officials rather than by elected ones
spoils system practice of handing out government jobs to supporters; replacing government employees with the winning candidate's supporters
nominating convention a meeting in which representative members of a political party choose candidates to run for important elected offices
federal relating to a national government
relocate to move to another place
survive to continue existing or living after nearly being destroyed
institution an organization that has an important purpose in society
veto to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming law
symbol a word or object that stands for something else
majority greater than half of a total number of something
Created by: Jaya Reed