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Great Depression Social Studies

When did the stock market crash October 1929 "Black Tuesday"
What are Hoovervilles Shanty towns were homeless people lived
What was the nickname for the 1930's The Great Depression
What was the New Deal Series of laws,programs and goverment agencies put intact to help the country with the Great Depression
Causes Of The Great Depression Over spending, Stock Market Crash, Over Borrowing, Econmic weakness, uneployment, failed banks and buiseness,
Why did the Stock Market Crash Buying stocks on credit Factories over producing sudden sell of stocks
Uneployment Cycle Business fails>Workers lose jobs>No money to make purchases>decrease in sales
Banks Fail People lost hope in the banking system and withdrew their money people lost what little money they had
Life People lost their and homes homeless went to live in hoovervilles food lines from goverment
President Hoover His Philsophy- We'll make it He did NOTHING poor looked to him for help but none was coming
Hoovervilles grouping of tents and shacks in a vacant lot reffered to as hoover villes because of Hoovers lack of help
Hoboes young men and women rode the rails looking for food jobs and money
The dust bowl A period of time when severe dust storms that cause major damage to the plains crops turned to dust= No food/No money homes buried animals died fields blown away many sickenesses due to dust
Presidents Hoover in the BEGINNING Roosevelt IN the END became president in 1933 was president for 16 years
The New Deal Relief- programs set out to assist with feeding and housing the poorest Americans Recovery-was to put money back on the system so they gave consumers spending money Reform- to change the system and prevent the things that the Great Depression
Civilain Conservation Corps (CCC) Relief program that gave young men jobs building roads,parks and planting trees
Federal Deposit insurance coropartion (FDIC) Reform A reform program to prevent future hardships helped make money safe in banks
Social Security Act Reform Helped the diabled and elderly so they would have some income (money)
Welfare Relief/Recovery gives food and money to people who can't work ( NOT SUPPOSED TO STAY AROUND)
Results of the New Deal Didn't get U.S out of depression but built the stepping stones Role of federal goverment greatly increased Social Secruity Act and FDIC are still used TODAY
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