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Ch. 11 section 1

Important people, events, and places

Election of 1824 candidates Favorite Sons - John Quincy Adams - popular with merchants in NE, Henry Clay - Speaker of the House from KY, Andrew Jackson from TN, war hero, Wm. H. Crawford - backed by Republicans - from Georgia
Deal Henry Clay met with John Q. Adams to use his influence as Speaker of the House to get Adams the votes to win the presidency if Clay would become Secretary of State
Adam's presidency Adams wanted improving roads, waterways, build a national university, astronomical observatories, and scientific research/ /Congress approved improving rivers, harbors & roads
Election of 1828 candidates Andrew Jackson & John C. Calhoun - Democratic Republicans John Quincy Adams & Richard Rush - National Republicans
Democratic - Republicans -frontier people, immigrants, workers favored states' rights, mistrusted central government
National Republicans - merchants & farmers favored strong central government, supported federal measures, road building, 2nd National Bank
Campaigning tactics Mudslinging - attempts to ruin the opponent's reputation - example - coffin handbills// slogans, rallies, buttons, barbeques
Andrew Jackson 1) born in log cabin 2) defeated Creek Nation @ Battle of Horseshoe Bend 3) "Old Hickory" 4) Rise from a log cabin to a success story
Voters 1) Jackson promised "Equal protection & equal benefits for "all" 2) states has loosened property requirements for voting 3) white males , sharecroppers, factory workers and others // 22 out of 24 states loosened property rights
Spoils System Democrats - opened up the government jobs to people from all walks of life. Jackson fired federal workers & replaced them with his supporters. Jackson said this was good for democracy.
tariff debate 1)NE factory owners liked 2) Calhoun of SC said it was against states' interests - wanted it nullified 3) Daniel Webster claimed nullification would hurt the Union "Our federal union... must be preserved"
tariff debate - continued 4) Calhoun answered that a state has liberty to overrule the Constitution 5) Congress enacted a lower tariff - 1832 7) SC passed the Nullification Act - not to pay tariff of 1828 & 1832
tariff debate - continued 7) Jackson backed a bill to gradually lower the tariff 8) Congress passed the Force Bill - use military to enforce acts of Congress 9) SC accepted the new tariff but nullified the Force Bill
Created by: mshellabarger